“The whole system is…”: AB de Villiers shares blunt assessment on Test cricket’s downfall

In the aftermath of South Africa’s controversial Test series against India, former Proteas captain AB de Villiers has spoken out about the mounting challenges that Test cricket faces. With questions surrounding pitch conditions, team selection controversies, and the increasing allure of T20 cricket, De Villiers has provided a candid assessment of the state of the traditional format.

Pitch controversy at Cape Town

The recent Test series between South Africa and India ended in a draw, but not without sparking debates over the pitch in the final match at Cape Town. Fans raised concerns about the lack of competitiveness and even accused the Proteas side of not being genuinely interested in Test cricket. The absence of a third Test that could have determined the result only added to the controversy, leaving cricket enthusiasts and experts alike questioning the future of the game.

Team selection controversies involving South African management

Adding fuel to the fire, South Africa’s decision to announce a second-string squad featuring six uncapped players for the upcoming two-game Test series against New Zealand raised eyebrows. Neil Brand, an uncapped batter, was named captain, prompting speculation about the team’s commitment to Test cricket. Reports suggested that the series clashed with the SA20 league, leading to the inclusion of inexperienced players, as established names preferred T20 action.

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AB de Villiers’ perspective on Test cricket’s downfall

Amidst the ongoing drama, De Villiers, known for his forthrightness, shared his perspective on the challenges faced by Test. He expressed concern over the shifting priorities of players, boards, and coaches towards T20 cricket, driven by financial considerations and the need to secure their futures. At the same time, he empathized with players and stakeholders, recognizing the financial realities they face.

“It has sent shockwaves around the cricketing world and has made it clear that Test cricket is under pressure, for that matter even ODI cricket and the whole system is turning around T20 cricket,” remarked De Villiers during a discussion on his official YouTube channel.

“The players, the board and coaches will turn towards where there is more money. You cannot blame them for thinking about their future with their family. That is ultimately what it comes down to,” he added.

Assessing the Cape Town pitch

De Villiers also addressed the controversy surrounding the Cape Town pitch, dismissing claims of its undue difficulty and stating, “It was a pretty stock-standard wicket in my opinion. I remember jumping around there on Day 1. If you can just get through the first session on Day 1, it gets easier. If you see the players who were playing their shots and not hanging around, they were the ones doing well.”

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