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Shaadi Web Series: Shaadi is an upcoming Indian Hindi web series. The series features Shikha Sinha in lead roles with other supporting cast.

You can watch all the episodes online on the Primeshot app. It is available to watch online in Hindi and other languages.

The upcoming web series “Shaadi” on Primeshots is set to explore the dark side of marriage. The series stars Shikha Sinha as a young woman who is about to get married to the man of her dreams. However, things take a turn for the worse when she discovers that her husband is not who he seems.

The teaser for the series has already been released, and it promises to be a suspenseful and thought-provoking watch. The teaser shows Shikha Sinha’s character getting ready for her wedding, but there is a sense of unease in the air. We see her having nightmares about her husband, and we hear him talking about her in a possessive and controlling way.

It is clear that “Shaadi” is not going to be a conventional love story. Instead, it is going to explore the darker side of marriage, and the ways in which it can be used to control and manipulate women. The series is sure to spark conversation and debate, and it is definitely one to watch out for.

Shaadi Web Series Cast

Shaadi Web Series Plot/ Story

The series begins with Shikha Sinha’s character, Anjali, getting ready for her wedding. She is a young woman who is excited to start her new life with the man she loves. However, her dreams are shattered when she discovers that her husband, Rahul, is not who he seems.
Rahul is a controlling and abusive husband. He isolates Anjali from her friends and family, and he makes her feel like she is worthless. Anjali tries to escape from Rahul, but he always finds her.
As the series progresses, Anjali becomes increasingly trapped in her marriage. She is afraid of Rahul, and she doesn’t know what to do. She starts to have nightmares about him, and she becomes paranoid that he is watching her every move.
Eventually, Anjali finds the courage to stand up to Rahul. She leaves him and starts a new life. However, Rahul is not going to let her go easily. He will stop at nothing to get her back.

Shaadi Web Series Details

Title Shaadi
Language Hindi
Genre Bold and Romantic
Directed by Not known
Produced by Not known
Release date Coming soon
Cast Shikha Sinha
OTT Primeshots
Actress Shikha Sinha


What is the release date of the Shaadi web series?

The release date of the Shaadi web series is coming soon

What are the cast of the Shaadi web series?

The cast of the Shaadi web series is Shikha Sinha

Where we can watch the Shaadi web series?

You can watch the Shaadi web series on Primeshot App.

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