Rohit Sharma Playing SA20 A Real Possibility? Mark Boucher Responds

Mumbai Indians head coach Mark Boucher opened up about the possibility of Indian skipper Rohit Sharma playing in the SA20. He said that it would be unbelievable if players from India played in the league and hinted that it might be a possibility in the future.

Over the years many overseas cricket experts have expressed their desire to see Indian players in the foreign leagues. However, due to the BCCI’s policy, players from Team India aren’t allowed to take part in overseas leagues.

Ever since SA20 was introduced there have been various rumours that have been sparkling around that India players might take part in the league at some stage. This is because the franchises in the tournament are owned by the IPL team owners.

Various former South African players including SA20 commissioner Graeme Smith, and AB de Villiers expressed their desire to see the likes of MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli in the league. But as of now BCCI remains stern on his statement and no player is allowed to play in leagues.

Recently Mark Boucher during an interaction with media was asked by Hindustan Times about Indian players in particular Rohit Sharma’s participation in SA20. The Mumbai Indians head coach however said that it will be above his pay grade to convince BCCI and Indian players.

Mark Boucher admitted that if Indian players come to play SA20 then it will be a huge boost for the league. He explained:

“I think it’ll be unbelievable if we got some of the Indian players involved. I don’t know, it’s probably above my pay grade to make those decisions. I know that a lot of the Indian players don’t play in any of the leagues around the world other than the IPL. So maybe that’s a BCCI thing. 

“But yes, you’re right. It would be fantastic to see some of the top Indian players playing in the South African league. It would definitely boost our league to a different level, as I’m sure there might be a lot of other countries that have got their own home leagues that they would love Indian guys to play in their leagues as well.”

Mark Boucher further hinted that Indian players playing in the league might be a possibility in the future. He added:

“But as I said, it hasn’t happened for whatever reason. It may be maybe in the future. We might see one or two players coming through and playing in these leagues but yeah, I’m not too sure. As I said, I think it’s above my pay grade to answer or ask questions of the BCCI.”

Indian players are only open to playing in the overseas league once they announce their retirement from Indian cricket entirely. Recently Ambati Rayudu did the same and will be taking part in the foreign leagues.

SAT20 2024: I think it’s a great idea – Mark Boucher on taking SA20 to India

Mark Boucher further was asked about the possibility of taking SA20 to India in the future. Replying to this, he said that it would be a great idea. He highlighted how IPL was played in 2009 in South Africa. He explained:

“I think it’s a great idea; I’m not against it. The IPL happened in South Africa, and we can do the same, as both cricketing nations share a great relationship. Although the challenges of playing in India will be different, it will still be great. Maybe Graeme Smith (SA20 commissioner) can work on it.”

The second edition of the SA20 is currently underway. So far there have been two enthralling games and the tournament promises to be an exciting one.

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