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NEW DELHI: Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma shed light on his leadership approach, highlighting the significance of fostering confidence and trust among players during an event in Mumbai on Friday.
Rohit emphasized the multifaceted nature of his role, encompassing strategic decisions on the field and personal interactions off it, aimed at nurturing a cohesive team environment.

“As a leader, it’s crucial to instill confidence in players and make them feel valued regardless of their role in the team,” Rohit stated during the Leo1, Mastercard & NSDL event.

“Each player’s contribution is essential to the team’s success, whether they play ten balls at No. 6 or 7.”
The skipper underscored the importance of personal engagement with each player, emphasizing the need for equal treatment and role clarity within the team structure.
“I make it a point to interact with players individually, understand their concerns, and provide reassurance,” Rohit explained. “Building trust and confidence is paramount, especially in challenging situations.”
Reflecting on his role as an opener, Rohit expressed a penchant for confronting difficult conditions and relished the challenge of overcoming them.
“Confidence stems from rigorous preparation and mastering skills,” he remarked. “I thrive on the challenge of starting innings in adverse conditions and rely on extensive training to bolster my self-belief.”
Shifting focus to the ongoing Test series against England, Rohit acknowledged the team’s recent setback in Hyderabad but highlighted their resilience in bouncing back with a convincing win in Vizag.
With the series level at 1-1, Rohit stressed the importance of maintaining momentum and unity as they prepare for the upcoming matches, starting with the third Test in Rajkot on February 15.

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