‘It’s a backroom team made up of cheerleaders’: Michael Vaughan urges honest review of England’s performance | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan has called for a candid assessment of the team’s performance following their 1-4 series defeat against India.
In a recent column for the Daily Telegraph, Vaughan emphasized the need for honesty and a rigorous approach to address the shortcomings highlighted during the tour.
Vaughan, who led England from 2003 to 2008, stressed the importance of conducting a thorough review, drawing comparisons to the meticulous approach of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola. He emphasized the necessity of holding players accountable and making tough decisions to cultivate a culture of competitiveness and excellence within the team.
“In my view, after a humbling series defeat in India, I strongly believe that a dose of honesty is the most important thing for this England team right now,” Vaughan wrote.
The former skipper expressed frustration over England’s batting failures throughout the series and criticized what he perceived as a lenient approach from the team management. He questioned the emphasis on positivity and fun within the camp, cautioning against overlooking the importance of honesty and accountability.
“Every interview you hear the same stuff, about excitement, opportunity and fun, that everyone is having the time of their life,” Vaughan observed. “I worry that they are speaking a language that not all of them truly believe, which is dangerous.”
Vaughan also raised concerns about the team’s activities during breaks between Tests, particularly criticizing the decision to allow players to engage in leisure activities such as spending time in Abu Dhabi and playing golf in Bengaluru.
“I do worry it’s a backroom team made up of cheerleaders,” Vaughan remarked. “Players need challenging and questioning at times.”
The former captain’s comments underscore a broader call for introspection and accountability within the England cricket setup. As the team seeks to address the issues highlighted by their recent performance in India, Vaughan’s insights serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a balanced and disciplined approach in pursuit of success.
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