IPL 2024 – PBKS vs MI – Jasprit Bumrah – You want to make an impact early on when the ball does something

Mumbai Indians tend to use Jasprit Bumrah as their trump card in the back end of the bowling innings, given that is where a lot of T20 games are won and lost and having his skills when the pressure is that high is always useful. But the man himself would like to have a crack at oppositions much earlier.
“Of course, you want to make an impact early on when the ball does something,” Bumrah said after he came in to bowl the second over against Punjab Kings and picked up two wickets straightaway – and one later – to help prevent Punjab Kings from chasing down 193.

“Because in this format, probably the ball does swing for the first two overs. And when I want to bowl more, I do play Test cricket. That is where all my desires for bowling more gets over. In this format, when the ball swings for the first two overs, you do want to make an impact and when the opportunity comes, I’m happy to contribute.”

This year’s IPL is witnessing increased scoring rates and record-breaking totals. Bumrah, however, has managed to be as miserly as ever, going at a scarcely believable economy rate of 5.96. He has also picked up 13 wickets in seven matches, which puts him top of the tree.

“Obviously this format is a little difficult for the bowlers because the batsmanship is going up,” he said. “With the time restrictions [over-rate penalties] as well and the Impact Player rule, that does not help the bowler too much because the batting line-up becomes deeper and deeper and the bowler becomes half the bowler when you get an extra option.

“But I feel like all of those things are not in your control. What you can do is try to prepare to the best of your ability and back yourself in any situation because all of that will then put you in a good space of mind and you can go out there and execute with a smile on your face.”

Do his team-mates look to him to provide guidance when they are at the top of their mark?

“Whenever there’s an opportunity. I do relay a message from wherever I am. But sometimes in the heat of the moment, it’s difficult to pass on a lot of message,” Bumrah said. “But yes, I am always there if anybody needs help because you don’t want to give too many messages as well because the bowler is already under pressure and when too many messages come, you don’t land here or there, you land in the middle.”

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