How to find legitimate cricket betting sites

Cricket remains one of the world’s top sports and has millions of passionate fans who follow its every move. This is especially true in the UK, where England stands out as one of the best international sides around and there is the iconic County Championship to keep tabs on. When you add in big events like the Cricket World Cup to follow, you can see why cricket remains such a hit.

Cricket is also a popular sport because games have lots of exciting action to take in and involve a real strategic element to make things more interesting. Betting on cricket can add extra fun to watching games and help fans get closer to the sport. Betting on games has attracted more people to cricket and also makes it more exciting to follow.

If you plan to bet on games, it is essential to find the most reliable cricket betting sites to register with first. With so many to choose from though, how do you find the most legitimate in 2024?

Online sportsbook review sites

The best choice by far when looking for the most trusted cricket betting sites is looking at sportsbook review sites online. These independent review platforms do all the hard work for you and bring together the best places to bet on cricket in one central place. This is a lot quicker than manually looking through all the different sportsbooks you could use in 2024.

In addition, using sportsbook review sites to find the best places for cricket betting also means you get advice you can trust from industry experts. This helps you find sites which are not only safe to use but also cater directly to people who like to wager on the sport.

These platforms will also usually contain individual reviews of the sites they recommend and use specific criteria to do so which considers all the most important features any reputable betting site should contain. This is important because you might not remember to check all these factors out yourself when looking over sportsbooks manually or even know what the most important features are to look for!

How else could you find the best cricket betting sites in 2024?

Although looking at online sportsbook review sites is by far the best way to find legitimate cricket betting sites, there are a few other options you could consider. Asking friends who like to bet on cricket online is one example and an easy way to get extra advice on where to choose.

Another method you could use to find legitimate cricket betting sites is to look over user reviews online. This works best when you have found a cricket betting platform you like the sound of and want to double check how good the user experience is.

When it comes to finding trustworthy cricket betting sites, it is a must to only choose platforms which are licenced to operate. In the UK, this means only choosing sites which are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission. If you also focus on betting sites which are well-established names in the sector, you should be fine.

Who are the most trusted cricket betting sites in 2024?

Although the above are all great ways of finding top cricket betting platforms in 2024, you may want a few options to start your search with. Below are some of the top sportsbooks for betting on events like the IPL right now:


For cricket bettors, Spreadex stands out as one of the most reputable and well-liked sportsbooks. Fully licenced to operate by the UKGC, it is a firmly established name in sports betting which has a positive reputation with punters. This platform also uses security features such as high-end firewalls to protect users’ sensitive data.


Another trusted name in cricket betting to consider signing up with is Unibet. Established all the way back in 1997, it has built a glowing reputation and enjoys iconic status within sports betting.

Customer service is especially good here and delivers fast, helpful assistance with queries. This is a good sign, as it shows Unibet is a sportsbook which cares about customers and is well-run. Fully regulated to operate, this cricket betting site only carries well-known payment options which deliver a secure way to deposit and withdraw funds.


bet365 stands out as a trusted cricket betting site in places like the UK for good reason. It is another sportsbook with a proven track record for treating punters well and one that has built up an enviable brand image over time. Licenced to operate by the UK Gambling Commission, it offers a good selection of tools for responsible gambling, which is the sign of a reputable sportsbook.

Committed to using the latest online security features to protect users, bet365 is also quick to respond to any queries and only offers the most trusted banking options to use. This sportsbook offers live betting markets and excellent promotions during big events like The Ashes.

Cricket betting in 2024: Finding safe sites to register with is key

For people who like to bet on cricket in places like the UK, it really is important to find legitimate sportsbooks to register with. This will ensure you have the best experience and only use betting sites which are safe. If you need some help with this, our guide above should prove useful.

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