Top 5 Indian Cricket Superstars Who Became Politicians

Sports and politics have been an integral part of Indian society for a long time. Here is a look at some famous Indian sportspersons who became politicians.

There is a long list of Indian athletes who went on to become politicians. It’s too usual to be a sportsperson and then enter politics, It’s the best way to ensure your future. It appears that among Indian athletes, going into politics is gradually becoming the preferred career path following retirement. Read the article below to learn more about Indian sportspersons who became politicians.

Mohammad Azharuddin

Azharuddin, one of the most successful national team leaders, has had many highsand lows throughout his career. From 1984 to 2000, he was India’s representative.Azharuddin’s life story was the subject of a Bollywood movie, “Azhar,” which brought him back into the public eye. He amassed a record-breaking 9378 runs in 334 One-Day Internationals.

While playing, he was one of the most feared batters of his time, and everyone would have thought that the former Indian skipper would play 100 tests for India. Hisplaying career was ended in a match-fixing scandal. As a result, he finished hiscareer after playing 99 tests for India.After that, he entered politics and ran for Congress in the 2009 elections. Heemerged victorious from Moradabad and was inducted into the parliament. TheAndhra High Court removed Azharuddin’s life sentence in 2012.

Gautam Gambhir

Former cricket player Gautam Gambhir is now a politician. He claimed in an interview that Prime Minister Narendra Modi influenced him to join the BJP and began his political career. 2019 saw Gambhir become a member of the BJP. The left-handed batter was part of the political party till 2024. The former first-choice batsman was crucial to India’s 2011 World Cup triumph. Gambhir left BJP recently ahead of the Lok Sabha elections to focus more on coaching cricket as he reunited with Kolkata Knight Riders as a mentor.

Navjot Singh Sidhu

Following on from Indian athletes who became politicians is former cricket player Navjot Singh Sidhu, who made his debut for the Indian team in 1983 and played 51 Test matches. He participated in 134 ODIs for the team as well.Sidhu remained in the limelight even after his playing career was over. He made a lot of fans and money by becoming a judge on various comedy-based reality shows.There are few opportunities to make a quick buck; however, with live casino games, one can always go on the front foot and go for the aerial route and clear theboundary.

Such was Sidhu’s charisma off-field too that the term “Sidhuism” got coined by his fans. In 2004, he leaped into politics by joining the BJP. He has also achieved success in the political sphere, having won two Lok Sabha elections. In 2016, he received a nomination from Punjab to the Rajya Sabha. However, he left the party and resigned from his post that same year. In 2017, Sidhu became a member of the Indian National Congress. He was elected to the Punjab Legislative Assembly from Amritsar East.

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh is known as the “Turbanator” for his outstanding spin bowling skills.He has left his mark not only on cricket history but also on Indian politics. HarbhajanSingh retired from international cricket to pursue a career in politics. In 2017, Harbhajan Singh officially entered politics by joining the Indian political party named Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), he always wanted to give national back not just in the field of cricket but also beyond cricket.

His strong support considers Harbhajan Singh’s political career for various social and political issues in the country. The country’s people have highly appreciated his interacting personality and straightforward opinion. His political career has greatly affected his home state, Punjab, where his influence and recognition have grown constantly.

Outside being a celebrated cricketer and a politician, Harbhajan Singh has actively been involved in contributing behaviour, showcasing his commitment to the interests of society. His journey from being a cricketing maestro to a political leader shows the smooth change that some Indian cricketers have made, proving that their impact can reach far beyond the cricket field. Singh stands as proof of the ability for positivechange that sports icons can bring to the political landscape of the country.

Rajvardhan Singh Rathore

The most accomplished Indian athlete who entered politics after retiring from competition. He was a double-trap shooter who took home the silver medal from the 2004 Olympics, India’s lone medal. Throughout his shooting career, Colonel Rathore won seven international gold medals. Rathore joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after voluntarily retiring from the army.

He went on to win the Jaipur rural seat. But in 2014, he reached the pinnacle of his career when he was appointed Minister of State (MoS) for Information and Broadcasting in Narendra Modi’s Cabinet. In 2017, Rathore was chosen as a free- standing Cabinet minister for the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. He is among the most prosperous athletes from India to enter politics.

Kirti Azad

Kirti Azad played 7 Tests and 25 ODIs for India and was a member of the side that won the World Cup in 1983. Bhagwat Jha Azad, his father, had stood in as Bihar’schief minister.

Following his playing career, he became a television broadcaster. He has participated in post-match television talks and news chat shows. Nevertheless, he was able to pursue a career in politics. He was previously an MLA representing the Gole Market constituency in Delhi.

He was serving his third term in the Lok Sabha as a member of the BJP when he emerged victorious in the 2014 Darbhanga Lok Sabha elections. He is presently suspended from the BJP

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