MI vs DC – Romario Shepherd blasts 32 runs off Anrich Nortje in the last over

Romario Shepherd, remember the name. The Mumbai Indians allrounder blasted Anrich Nortje for 32 runs to close out their innings against Delhi Capitals on Sunday. His 10-ball 39 lifted Mumbai to 234 for 5, their highest total at the Wankhede Stadium. Here’s how ESPNcricinfo’s ball-by-ball commentary recorded the 20th-over carnage.

19.1 Nortje to Shepherd, FOUR runs
Shepherd gets going now. Slower back of a length ball off, he flat bats it past the bowler, past the stumps and rockets into the fence between long-on and long-off

19.2 Nortje to Shepherd, SIX runs
What a hit! Slower length ball outside off, he stands tall and deposits the ball flat and hard over long-on

19.3 Nortje to Shepherd, SIX runs
WALLOPED! Length ball on middle stump, he hopped across and sends it soaring miles, miles over deep square leg

19.4 Nortje to Shepherd, SIX runs
THREE IN THREE! Offcutter dug into the pitch outside off, he backs away, generates all the pace and thrashes him over deep cover

19.5 Nortje to Shepherd, FOUR runs
FOUR MORE! Fuller and on pace on the stumps. Shepherd backs and powers it straight back past the bowler. He’s hit that so hard that there is no chance for long-on to get across

19.6 Nortje to Shepherd, SIX runs
Thirty two runs off that last over. What a finish for Mumbai! What bat speed Shepherd is generating, what power! He finishes on 39 off 10 balls. Fuller on middle and leg, he clears his back leg and flicks it powerfully over long-on

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