You have to come back for me, for us, for our… Part 3

Riddhima was seen descending from the stairs wearing a beautiful pink saree. When someone came from behind and pulled her towards him making her shocked and panic. Riddhima looked at the person and was shocked to see him.

Riddhima: Kabir tum, yeh kyaa badtamizi hai?

She said while pushing him back while he tried to cup her face and she pushed his filthy hands from her face.

Riddhima: How dare you Kabir to touch me.

She said and slapped him across his cheek making him stumble from his place. He looked at her with blood Shot eyes and pointed his finger towards her.

Kabir: You tell me Riddhima what are you doing Haan? I send you here to send that bastard Vansh behind bars and you are here started loving him and keeping his sin in your womb . Riddhima don’t forget that he is a criminal, he is a cold hearted murderer rid…

Before he could complete his words, he again got a slap on his face Landed by Riddhima.

Riddhima: One more word about my husband and my baby & find your self in your own grave. Ek aurat tumhe maaf kar sakte hai Kabir par ek Maa kabhie maaf nhi karegi Jab baat uski bacche ki ho to.

Kabir: OK then I will kill your this child along with you. Bye bye darling.

He said and pushed her while she was about to fall but two pairs of hand caught her on nick of time. Riddhima looked at the person and smiled as happy tears flowed down her cheeks.

*Any gusses🤨*

Riddhima: Vansh.

She Whispered and hugged him tightly while he was standing there all confused.

When a voice came from behind.

Voice: VIHAAAANNNN! What the hell?

A beautiful girl in her mid twenties said coming inside wearing a beautiful blue kurti with blue dupatta and hair tied in a braid with minimal makeup.

Riddhima and Vihaan got back while Vihaan looked at the girl fearfully who was standing there glaring at Riddhima and Vihaan together.

Riddhima: Hey miss who are you and why are you calling him Vihaan? He is Vansh my Vansh.

Girl: What the heck? What are you even saying, he is Vihaan, Vihaan Raisinghania not any Vansh.

She was about to continue when again a voice came from behind.

Voice: Vihaan bhai!

Vihaan, Riddhima and the girl looked at the direction of the voice and saw Ishani and Siya standing there with tears in their eyes and smile. They ran towards him and hugged him tightly while he secured them in his arms. Riddhima looked at them and the girl all confused.

Riddhima: Koi mujhe batayega yaha kyaa hi rha hai!

She asked them and they looked at her.

Siya: Bhabhi meet Vihaan bhai, bhai meet Riddhima bhabhi vansh bhai’s wife.

Riddhima: Wait what but yeh to Vansh hai naa!

Vihaan: Bhabhi you have mistaken. I’m Vihaan Vansh’s twin brother and she is my wife…

Before he could complete his words they heard a thud voice from upstairs from Vansh’s room. Riddhima panicked and ran towards their room and was shocked to see….


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