Ye Dil to pyaar maange hai #riansh #immj2 #forever #4

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So episode starts with:-

Riddhima left the villa and was walking aimlessly like a lifeless body on the middle of the road and suddenly……..

A car with full speed came and got her.

She sprang up high in the air and then rolled down the streets. She was badly injured. She laid there in her own pool of blood….

The man came out of car and was sweating…

Man: Oh my god what have I done… She is alive let’s take her to the hospital and lifted her in her arms….

At hospital..

Man: Doctor! Doctor!

Doctor : what happened? Oh My god there is much blood loss nurse admit her fast…. We need to operate her and Please inform the senior doctors to handle the case. How did this happen?

Man: She came under my car. She was lost in her own world I tried to avoid but alas😣

Doctor: don’t worry she’ll be alright. Hmmm

Man: hmmm

At the Operation Theatre

A senior doctor was seen getting ready to perform surgery. He wore his PPE kit and cam to the room and was shell shocked…..

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Senior Doctor: Riddhima!!

( guess guys who could be he? 🤪)

He ordered his junior to clean the wounds and inject her he’ll be back…

He marched out of OT and started to inquire.

S Doctor: who brought the patient who is inside OT?

Man: Me

S Doctor: what happened to her?

Man : she came under my car…

S Doctor: how careless You are are you drunk.

Man : no! I tried to avoid but. I have honked my horns but she didn’t pay heed. She was lost in her own world.

S Doctor: was she alone or there was a man with her

Man : no she was alone even after accident none came to her.

S Doctor: okay. And he rushed inside.

After 7 hours of long surgery he came out.

And after freshing he again went there and sat beside her caressing her .

S Doctor: nothing will happen to you. you will be fine.

He remembered there moments.


The same boy and Riddhima were sitting in a park and eating Ice cream. And he put some ice cream on her nose. And ran away.

She started to chase him. And finally they got tired and sat down.

Riddhima: see because of you I cannot eat my ice cream It got melt. Now I am Angry and pouts

Boy: so now I have to pacify you wait and he gives her another 🍨.

She got happy and hugged him.

Riddhima: you always know how to pacify me . You are my best friend. And she laughs.


S Doctor starts to weep. And suddenly the machine starts to beep and her finger showed some moments…

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He quickly checked her pulse and became happy.

She slowly opened her eyes and blinked some time to get a clear vision

She looked around and then she looked at him her eyes widened with shock.

Riddhima: you……

Done for today guys. Shower your love just like this only. It was a long one according to me. Anyways bye take care.♥♥

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