Who Killed Jessica? Ep 01 | Harsh Beniwal

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Lokesh, a hot headed man is leading a mundane life where he is facing relationship issues with his girlfriend Jessica.
One fine day, he catches Jessica betraying him but life had much worse plans for him, as he finds Jessica dead in her bedroom. He gets paranoid and there starts the game of finding ‘Who Killed Jessica?’

Director: Harsh Beniwal
Written by: Shivam Bajpai, Harsh Beniwal, Purav Jha
Assistant Director: Anmol Prasher
Director of Photography: Nitin Goyal Cam
Assistant DOP: Raju , Ashish
Edited by: Anmol Prasher, Harsh Beniwal
First Cut : Dhruv Behl
Background Score: Harsh Beniwal
Color grading: Anmol
Executive Producer: Mohit Chhikara
Thumbnail: Vishal Rana (Pheonix)
Makeup By : Amir
VFX by : Vxf guy shrinay
Aerial shoot By – Dronewaleybaba

Stock footage provided by Videovo, Downloaded from www.videovo.net

Harsh Beniwal
Mohit Chhikara
Purav Jha
Meghana Yadav
Shivam Bajpai
Rahul Gupta
Sagar Jha
Vishal Rohilla
Anmol Prasher



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