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Indians can never get over their craze for samosas. But what about samosas with serial numbers stamped on them? Twitter user Nitin Misra (@nitinmisra) made this samosa-related discovery only recently. He shared a photo of the unique stamped samosas on the micro-blogging platform, with a tongue-in-cheek caption: “Samosas I ordered had serial numbers. Can tech please stay away from my halwai?” The tweet went viral, garnering 12,500 likes and over 1,000 retweets in less than two days.

Twitter users were amazed at the photo of the samosas that bore a cryptic code on them. User Alok Kumar (@_Alok108), wrote, “What Next? Where is the QR?”

Another user, GirlGoingThroughLife (@AnteeQaa), went a few steps ahead and mused about radio-frequency identification. She wrote, “What next, RFID?” We hope not.

User Neha Gupta (@nehagupta1982) seemed to agree with Misra about technology taking over the human world. She wrote, “Seems robotic chefs have taken over from our halwaisss.”

But who thought a samosa post would receive comments based on non-fungible tokens or NFTs? Anurag Saxena (@anuragsaxena005) wrote, “Dude, this confirms that NFT has entered the desi food chain.”

Brushing aside these funny comments, user Diwakar (@Pentropy) clarified the mystery behind these coded samosas. He replied to Misra’s tweet, “The stamp suggests the type of samosa. They’re awesome.”

In fact, the coded samosas are a specialty of the snacks-based startup Samosa Party. This company serves a variety of crispy samosas in Bengaluru and Gurugram. They stamp the samosas with different codes in order to distinguish between the varieties.

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However, some people seemed to have missed this point and they piled requests on Misra’s inbox. As a result, he had to tweet once again, “Please stop sending me DMs and placing orders for Samosas. Place your orders at Samosa Party.” That got us cracking up.

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