Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Dr. Anurag gets injured while saving Kajol

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Anurag playing with the kids in the NGO. Kajol comes to him and looks at him surprisingly. The girl asks Anurag to see the beautiful didi who came to meet them, and asks if she is not beautiful? Dr. Anurag says very beautiful, but less than you. The girl says Didi also said the same thing, you both are same. Kajol and Dr. Anurag try to speak at the same time. Kajol asks him to say. Dr. Anurag asks are you fine? Kajol says yes, better. She thanks him for dropping her. He says if someone would have been on my place then would have done the same. Anuradha ji says she is Kajol. Kajol says I know him. Dr. Anurag says I made her have bitter medicine. Kajol says he was my baba’s doctor. She goes to the kids fighting and says this is chocolate of both. She divides the chocolate into two and gives to both the kids. Anuradha ji says she is handling kids well. Dr. Anurag calls the kids and says your Didi sings well too. Kajol says you know that I am…Dr. Anurag says I know you are not fine, but if you sing for them, to keep their heart. Kajol asks what to sing? The girl says whatever you like. She sings song and dances with the kids. Dr. Anurag looks at her smilingly. The girl falls down. Kajol helps her gets up and continues to sing and dance. Dr. Anurag also dances a bit and smiles.

Later Dr. Anurag tells that gifts needs to be distributed to the kids. The guy keeps and goes. Dr. Anurag holds the tray and gives to Kajol. She gives the gifts to the kids. The girl asks Kajol if she will come to meet them. Kajol says yes. Anuradha ji tells kids can identity the goodness and true love. Kajol thinks to leave and thinks everyone must be waiting for me. She is walking on the road and calls Pishimaa, says she is coming home, if the phone gets disconnected then don’t worry. Just then phone gets switched off. She thinks cab and auto are not here. Dr. Anurag comes in his car and offers to drop her. Kajol says I will take auto or cab. Dr. Anurag says don’t worry, I will not do anything, as you will not get any cab or auto now. He gets down and says your injury is not yet healed, I don’t want you to go away out of sight, and don’t want your family to face any trouble, and asks her to sit. She sits. He says good songs are played on radio in night. He plays the song and switches off the radio. He says no decent song is coming. Kajol laughs. Dr. Anurag asks if she is laughing on him. She says no. He also laughs. She says she felt good coming here, and kids can change anyone’s mood, tells that she liked them.

Chandana asks if Kajol haven’t come. Pishimaa says no. She thinks Rajesh will be with her. Dr. Anurag thanks Kajol for coming to the NGO and singing for kids. Kajol also thanks him for recommending their name for the brochure. She says you wanted to bring me here. Dr. Anurag says yes, and talks about his mother, tells that she used to spend time with the kids. He asks do you know my mother. Kajol says very well, our relation was more than Guru-Shishya, it was soul connection. She says she was my inspiration and was very calm from outside, but mischievous from inside. He asks my mom? Kajol says yes. She tells that Maths teacher had punished her, then Anjali Ma’am saw me outside crying, took me to staff room, then we had that maths teacher tiffin. He asks if Mom did this and laughs. Kajol thinks if he was the same arrogant guy. He says Mom named you Mishti, you are sweet like honey. He then tells that I mean your voice. Just then someone comes infront of his car and falls down. Other goon knocks on the window and asks her to give something as he is hungry. Kajol says I will give. The goon keeps knife on her neck and asks her to get down. Kajol gets worried. Dr. Anurag also gets down the car and asks what do you want, nothing shall happen to her. Other goons come there. The goons ask them to give wallet, mobile, chain, watch etc. Kajol and Dr. Anurag give them. Kajol asks leave me. They sign her to go. Kajol walks towards Dr. Anurag and is about to hold his hand, when the goon pulls her towards him and keeps knife at her. They ask Dr. Anurag to leave. Dr. Anurag walks towards his car. Kajol shouts asking Anurag not to leave her.

Naina asks about Kajol and says she must be roaming with someone. Pishimaa says I talked to her and she is coming. Naina says don’t tell that I haven’t warned you. Pishimaa says we are there to care for her. Naina asks if she is going for work or something else. She says didi is roaming with Doctor, so that nobody doubts her. Chandana asks Naina to go and asks Pishimaa when did she last call? Pishimaa says 7:30. Anurag hits the goon and make him fall down. He takes out his suit and fights with the goons. The goon leave Kajol and attacks Dr. Anurag on his back and head with rods. He gets heavily injured. Kajol shouts Dr. Anurag. The goon walks towards Kajol. Anurag gets up and hits him. Kajol cries. He hits another goon. She sees his hand shivering and holds his hand. He makes Kajol sit in the car, while other goons are standing.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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