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The nights that we spent together (Season 2) Chapter 9 - India A2Z

The nights that we spent together (Season 2) Chapter 9

“Honeymoon !”,Riddhima pronounced the tickets envelope heading and looked at Vansh who signed that he has no idea !

Vansh:Amm Ishani I dont think we need it.

Siya:Why not …even arranged couples go on honeymoon.

Riddhima:Ya but we dont need it.

Siya:Coneon bhabhi you and bro will know each other better.

Flashback ended and Riddhima was there standing besides Vansh in the resort and enjoying the picturesque decorations.

.Riddhima :They all said we should know each other better. What should I ask you?


Riddhima:Be serious Vansh. We are here to know each other.

Vansh: Ha to ask me anything na.

Riddhima: what do you think ,is relativity theorem complete or need modifications?

He got out of his mobile but she really needed an answer.

Vansh: Sweetheart I think everything need modifications. Nothing is perfect.

Riddhima: What do you think about…

Vansh: You tell,was schrondinger right in his theorem?

Riddhima was also amazed ,

Riddhima:Ya . I think yes ,he was right in saying that to reach the most accurately we lose the actual.So we wont complicate our relation much that we lose it’s real feel.

Both smiled.

Cell rang,

Siya and ishani mischeviously asked that what is happening?

Vansh and Riddhima winked ,

Vansh :You said na no talks should be about our work ,

Riddhima:So we were discussing ,was woodward right about leaving everything for his wavelength calculation formula?

They couldn’t believe and ended call,leaving both of them laughing.

Riddhima:You tell me

Vansh:Trust me. There wont be any mixing up of work and relations in our life. Everything will be ,sorted and managed always.

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And they both ended hugging each other,enjoying the beauty of night ,with endless talks and promises.

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