Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 25)

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Recap – Paakhi eavesdrops Virat and Sayi’s conversation.

Chapter 25

Paakhi opens the door and comes in. She is shocked to see Virat and Sayi staying very close to eachother. She gets irked seeing them very close.

Virat and Sayi didn’t notice her presence. Paakhi was more annoyed.

Paakhi (coughs) – Virat…

Sayi looks at her direction and frowns. She stands more closer to Virat and intentionally kisses him on his cheek. Virat was stunned.

Sayi – Paakhi didi, weren’t you supposed to knock the door before entering?

Paakhi – The door was open, and I thought “only” Virat would be here.

Sayi – Virat sir, let’s change the door then.

Virat – Why?

Sayi – Doors are normally made to stop people from entering and to also stop them from seeing what happen inside the room. Right Virat sir?

Virat nods.

Sayi – Since our door doesn’t close properly, it’s better to change it. Also, Virat sir, you did close the door right?

Virat again nods.

Sayi – So that means there are only 2 possible ways.

Virat – what ways?

Sayi – For door to open! Since we didn’t lock it, because of the wind the door would’ve been opened. Else, Paakhi didi came in without knocking.

Sayi looked straight Paakhi knowing that she didn’t knock before.

Paakhi – Are you trying to insult me? You stupid girl.

Sayi didn’t respond, she looked Virat.

Sayi – I’ll leave?

Virat – This soon?

Sayi – I need to go back home with samrat dada.

Virat (sad) – Oh..You going back to Aarav.

Sayi – Virat sir, I’m going back home!!!

Virat – Haan haan, you are going back home.

Sayi nods.

Virat – Wait a moment, Paakhi why did you come?

Paakhi (hesitated) – Uh…Well it’s something very important Virat.

Sayi – Oh, then I’ll take a leave!?

Virat – No.

Paakhi – Yes.

Both of them told their opinion at the same time and then looked at each other.

Paakhi – Virat, I’ll leave now. Once Sayi leaves, I’ll talk to you. And it’s super important.

Sayi – Arey, Paakhi didi don’t mind me. Since it’s super important, I’ll leave now.

Virat – Paakhi, you leave now.

Paakhi was stunned and leaves in disbelief.

Sayi – It was something important right? It would be something urgent.

Virat – Nothing is more important that My Wife.

Sayi again blushes.

Sayi – I hope you follow the rule.

Virat – I’ll never go back to my word.

Sayi (satisfied) – That’s my boy.

Sayi’s phone rings, she looks at it and frowns. Virat also frowns.

Virat – Did he come?

Sayi – Yes.

Virat – Where’s he?

Sayi – Sitting inside the car

Virat – You sit in the back seat. Okay?

Sayi – Why?

Virat – You are wearing saree right, so it’ll be hard for you to sit in the front.

Sayi – Nah Virat sir, I came here sitting in the front seat only.

Virat – Whattt?

Sayi – Arey baba, that time samrat dada was the one who drove.

Virat sighed.

Virat – Now Aarav is driving right?

Sayi nods.

Virat again sighs.

Sayi – Don’t worry Virat sir, till I wear this ring, I’ll always be yours.

Virat smiles and kisses on her forehead.

Sayi – I’ll leave then.

Virat – 2min.

Sayi – Now what? You did all your naughty things right!

Virat – You dressed up so well for me. How can I let you go without taking a picture with you?

Sayi smiles. They take couple of photos.

Sayi – Can we frame these?

Virat – Nope.

Sayi – Why?

Virat – No bad eyes should fall on us.

Sayi blushes.

Sayi – I’ll leave then.

Virat nods, and hugs her.

Virat – I’ll miss you alot.

Sayi – Me too. Virat sir, there’s something important that I need to tell you.

Virat (serious) – what is it?

Sayi – Let’s meet somewhere else and talk about it.

Virat – okay.

Sayi nods and leaves.

After reaching Rathores.

Sayi – Dada, how were the family members?

Samrat tells her everything that happened.

Sayi – Why did she ask for 3 days?

Samrat- Even I thought the same.

Sayi – It’s okay dada, maybe she just wanted more time to think about it.

Samrat – Yeah, that’s what even I thought.

Sayi – Anyways, it was so good to see everyone very happy.

Samrat happily nods.

Samrat – Let everything end in a good way.

Sayi nods and smiles.

Sayi goes back to her room and remembers that happened in Virat’s room and smiles. There was a knock.

Sayi – Come in.

Aarav – Heyy.

Sayi – Hey Aarav.

Sayi immediately wore a shawl, Aarav felt a bit awkward.

Aarav – Dadu asked is you wanted to go out!? I mean, you haven’t stepped out properly after you came here right.

Sayi (smiles) – I want to. But next time, I have a lot to study.

Aarav – Okay then, I’ll go for a jog and then meet you.

Sayi nods, Aarav leaves. Sayi freshen up.

After 2 hours, Aarav almost completes his jogging when he saw Virat and Patralekha together. He hides, and goes behind them.

Virat – What is it that you wanted to tell?

Paakhi – Samrat gave me 2 options Virat

Virat – Choose then.

Paakhi – I want you to choose it for me.

Aarav gets confused with the conversation.

He takes his phone and starts recording.

Paakhi – You know that I have only loved you. And how can you behave like nothing happened between us.

Virat – Because nothing really happened. As I said earlier, what we had was just an attraction, and I lost that attraction in you when I saw Sayi. Not in the beginning, but my love towards Sayi came up gradually and it just suppressed the attraction. And I don’t regret it at all.

Paakhi starts crying. She suddenly hold his hand and keep it near her chest.

Paakhi – Virat, you said you’ll divorce her right. Accept me after that. I’ll keep you safe and calm. I won’t be like her, who keeps nagging every now and then.

Virat withdraw his hand and looks at her disappointed

Virat – I love her Patralekha, and don’t you dare compare her with you! She’s much better than you in every aspect.

Paakhi – What do you mean? That small girl is better in every way? Don’t forget Virat, I’m your first love. You have your promise. You can’t break it.

Virat – What is if I break it?

Paakhi – You can’t Virat.

Virat – I can. Because I was the one who promised and I can break it. I’m a person who doesn’t want to owe anyone anything. Especially you, the promise is something which I owe you. And I’m taking back my words. Paakhi, this time I don’t want any confusions happening between Sayi and me. I really want a peaceful life. I hope you understand.

Paakhi – What about my life then? Where should I spend it? With whom should I spend?

Virat – That’s your choice Paakhi.

Paakhi – My choice right. Then my decision is to live with you. Only with you.

Virat – Are you mad? Are you blind? Can’t you see that I’m married? Can’t you see that I like someone else? Can’t you my happiness?

Paakhi – My happiness? You are the only one who can make me happy whole heartedly.

Aarav frowns clicks a picture and sends it to Sayi.

Aarav to Sayi : Sayi, idk what’s happening here. But your elder sister in law is super annoying.

Sayi calls him and he tells her everything.

Sayi – You come back home Aarav. It’s too late. And regarding Paakhi didi, Virat sir will tell me.

Aarav nods, ends the call and leaves.

Sayi – Paakhi didi, what are you planning now?

Precap –

Sayi – Where were you?

Virat – I was out.

Sayi – Alone?

Virat (hesitated) – Yes

Sayi – liar

And she ends the call.

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