Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarav’s statement frees Avinash from all charges

Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vivaan asking Badi Maa to take back the case and says it is the last chance. Aarav also requests her. Gajendra asks Aarav not to be stubborn like kids. Aarav says Papa, please take back the case. Gajendra says he will be punished. Aarav tells Badi Maa that he has divorced Simar and she will leave the house after 15 days. He says please take back the case. Badi Maa says this girl will leave in 15 days, then why you are having so much concerned for that man, he will be punished. Gagan watches the news about his father’s case. He gets Aditi’s call. Aditi asks are you fine Gagan? Gagan cries. Aditi also cries and says you can share your pain with me, I know what you are going through. Reema tells Chitra that she accepts that she has done mistake and says I wanted to stop the hoardings, but it happened. She apologizes. Chitra says Badi Maa will be angry on Vivaan and me. Reema says it is just my mistake. Chitra says you ran from mandap for your dream and then trapped and married Vivaan. She says what Vivaan will feel when he comes to know that you don’t love him. She says I supported you even after knowing everything, you have ruined your family and now want to ruin my family. Reema folds her hands. Chitra asks her to keep her acting for the acting word. Reema says I will go away from Vivaan’s life if you want, that’s why you helped me. Chitra asks do you know that you are doing a big commitment. Reema says yes, but save my Papa. Chitra asks will you back off. Reema says I will give my life for my Papa and will go away from vivaan’s life.

Aarav says I have promised my wife that I will do my duty of a husband, until she is with me. He says you have taught me not to back off from our promise, and that’s why I want your help to fulfill my duty. He says how can I make an innocent person be punished. Badi Maa says you remember my teaching at the wrong time and asks them to be in control. Yamini Devi watches the TV and calls Badi Maa. She says previously also you have troubled innocent persons and even now, and asks where you will go with all your sins. Badi Maa looks angry. Gajendra asks whose call was it? Badi Maa says nothing.

Reema says she loves her Papa so much and will go away from Vivaan. She promises her. Chitra asks do you know that you are giving a big commitment and will go away from Vivaan. Reema says you have only said that I don’t love him, and says I will go very far from him that he will forget my name, I will leave this city, my home and him. She asks Chitra to save her Papa, tells that he is unwell and can’t stay in jail. She says I will do whatever you say.

Indu and Sandhya continue to pray. The judge says after hearing all the witnesses and seeing the proofs, the court has reached the verdict that Professor Narayan is a fraud under section 420 and this court gives him 7 years of imprisonment. A lawyer comes there and stops the judge, begs him for pardon. He says it is good that you didn’t tell your verdict as I will proof in court that Professor Narayan is innocent. He says my client Aarav Oswal will highlight this case. Badi Maa asks who is this lawyer. Gajendra says he is Supreme court lawyer and very influential. The lawyer appeals to the judge to dismiss this case. Indu tells Sandhya that she has to go to court. Judge says dismiss. Lawyer says this is not the case and says I want to call my client Aarav Oswal to the witness box. Aarav looks at Badi Maa and goes to the witness box. Roma prays to the God to save Papa. Aarav stands in the witness box. The lawyer asks if the marriage was his. Aarav says yes. The lawyer asks if he has attained legal age of marriage and above 21. Aarav says right. Judge asks Mr. Mathur to come to point. Lawyer says the fraud happened with you, your bride was swapped then why your signatures are not on the filing papers. Aarav says I didn’t file this case. Lawyer asks if you was aware that they are filing case against professor. Aarav says I didn’t know. Gajendra says Aarav is our son and he is not different from us. The lawyer says you have kept your son in dark and filed case without his consent. He tells the prosecution lawyer that the case couldn’t be filed without Aarav’s consent. He asks Aarav if he was cheated in his marriage, if Avinash Narayan cheated you intentionally. Aarav looks at Simar and Avinash. He recalls his promises made to Simar. He recalls promising Indu and Avinash to make everything fine. The lawyer asks him to answer. Judge asks him to say. Aarav says no, no cheating happened with me. He says whatever happened was a misunderstanding, but no fraud happened with me. The lawyer asks do you want to say that Avinash Narayan haven’t cheated you. Aarav says Professor Avinash Narayan is my sasur ji and my wife’s father and he always has blessed me and never cheated me.

Lawyer asks if he is in his senses. Aarav says I am telling this in my full consciousness that nobody cheated me on marriage day. Badi Maa’s lawyer asks if he wants to say that Gitanjali Devi and your father have filed the case unnecessary. He asks judge to give the verdict. Aarav says I just want to say that professor Avinash Narayan and his daughter, my wife Simar Oswal haven’t done any cheating. Simar turns. Reema wipes her tears. Aarav says we are individuals and understand our responsibilities well. He says I am very happy with my wife Simar. He asks Judge to dismiss this case at the earliest. Badi Maa asks Gajendra what happened to this guy, my own grand son is saying that we are doing tamasha. Gajendra shouts and asks what do you want to say that we are fraud. Giriraj says we have hit many with one arrow. He says I don’t think he would be Badi maa’s favorite. Chitra says our planning was successful. Judge asks Aarav Oswal, if he knows that his sasur will be freed with his statement, but his own family will be booked for filing fake case and have to pay the fine too. Badi Maa says we shall be fined, as our kids have only proved this. She says my grand son has given the statement and I am ready to take back the case, and ready to pay the fine. She then congrats Aarav for winning the case. Indu comes there and smiles looking at Badi Maa. Badi Maa recalls her words. The judge gives his verdict that professor Avinash Narayan is innocent and he shall be freed from jail soon, he found not guilty and innocent. Badi Maa leaves. Reema, Simar and Roma hug together. Avinash comes out of the witness box. Indu touches his feet and hugs him. Aarav gets teary eyes and smiles. Reema, Roma and Simar gets happy. Avinash hugs Reema, Simar and Roma. Aarav thinks he shall say sorry to Badi Maa and Papa. Avinash has a hug with his daughters and wife. Gagan looks at them from outside the court. He thanks Mata Rani and murli Manohar for bringing out his Papa’s truth infront of everyone. Lalit and Vivaan hugs Avinash.

Precap: Simar touches Aarav’s feet. Aarav asks what happened, if anyone said something and makes her stand up. Simar says she couldn’t say infront of everyone and says thank you so much Aarav ji. She hugs him. Later Simar brings something for Badi Maa. Badi Maa asks how dare you and throws the bowl. She says time has come to discard the unwanted things from this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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