Salman Khan’s Neighbour Alleges ‘Bodies of Film Stars Are Buried’ in Actor’s Panvel Farmhouse

Salman Khan’s neighbour, in an explosive interview, has alleged that “bodies of film stars are buried” in the Bollywood actor’s Panvel farmhouse. Salman recently filed a defamation case against Ketan Kakkad, who owns a plot of land near the actor’s farmhouse in Panvel near Mumbai, for tarnishing his reputation during an interview with a YouTube channel.

During the latest hearing in the case, Salman’s lawyer Pradeep Gandhi read out substantial portions of Ketan Kakkad’s interviews in front of the court on Thursday, reports Live Law. Gandhi said that Ketan had unnecessarily dragged the actor’s religious identity into the dispute, levelled allegations of child trafficking against him, and even alleged that bodies of films stars are buried in his farmhouse.

Salman responded to these allegations, through his lawyer, saying, “Without proper proof, all these allegations are a figment of the defendant’s imagination. In a property dispute, why are you tarnishing my personal reputation. Why are you bringing in religion? My mother is a Hindu, my father is a Muslim and my brothers have married Hindus. We celebrate all festivals.”

Meanwhile, Salman’s complaint reportedly also names two other people, who were also part of the interview, as respondents. Even Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been named in the suit since the actor wants the interview to be removed.

The court denied Salman’s lawyers’ request for an interim injunction restraining Kakkad from making any other remarks about the actor. Kakkad’s lawyers argued that their client should be given adequate time to file the reply.

Salman’s suit claimed that Kakkad had tried to buy a plot of land next to his Panvel farmhouse but the authorities cancelled the transaction since they deemed it illegal. Kakkad allegedly levelled allegations against Salman of getting the transaction cancelled. Salman’s lawyers stated that the “false, disparaging, and defamatory” statements are causing harm to the actor and his family.

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