Riansh OS # Contract marriage # by aisha08

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Finally giving a riansh os .. this is an random os on contract marriage nothing is special in it..

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Let’s start

Scene 1

“Nobody die without marrying…stop forcing me for doing this shit again and again” shouted vansh on his mother being agitated..

No matter how many times uma forces him to marry but he doesn’t pay any heed to her mother’s pleas

She just wants to see her son happy and settled with his wife who will take care of him after her..

“If u want to see me alive then make sure u enter in this house when u have a girl beside u” uma shouted from behind making vansh flabbergasted

Is it wife or some vegetable that he will go and buy it on an instance from supermarket

Scene 2

“I love my freedom dad!! I know what will happen after marriage..my husband will try to control me.. I won’t be able to work etc etc etc…” Said riddhima rolling her eyes..

“Till when u will stay alone” asked his dad out of concern

” I am not alone..i have my freedom with me” she said and strolled out hurriedly from the room but not before getting a threat

” Make sure when next time u will come inside the house u have my son in law with u” her dad declared making her more agitated

Scene 3

At restaurant

“I am sorry I can’t marry..i just came here because my dad forced me to come and meet u once..but i just love my freedom ..”said riddhima out of the blue in front of vansh!!

Vansh felt he got his breath back..how stupid he was..

He was practicing how to deny for marriage politely but the girl in front of him solved his problem in few seconds

“Great!! I too don’t want to marry.. it’s just my mom is forcing me” he said doing a happy dance in his mind..

Riddhima smiled and took a sigh in relief

But the very next moment the expression of their faces changed

“My dad/my mom won’t allow me to enter in the house without a partner” both said in unison and bursted into laughter

” You are same as me” said riddhima controlling her laughter

His breath hitched seeing her laughing wholeheartedly

First time he noticed someone can laugh so beautifully like this!

His expression changed as if a kid got his favorite candy..

“Will u marry me ” he asked out of the blue

“Stop kidding vansh!!” Said riddhima rolling her eyes..

But soon her eyes widened noticing the seriousness in his eyes..

“What are u upto vansh”, she asked with a curious face

” A contract marriage..see we both don’t want to marry but our parents are forcing us..

We will marry and will do a drama of being a lovey dovey couple for 6 months and then will have divorce..

You will get your freedom back and i will be free from this marriage drama..” he threw his proposal in front of her..

The deal seems to be nice..she will get her freedom back and her father won’t force her more to marry!!

“Done!” She said with thumb up!!

“But we won’t stay like a normal couple..u know what i mean!!” She said fidgeting with her fingers..

Her face glistened earning a sweet assuring smile from her to be husband upss contracted husband

The week passed in a blink of eye..

Their parents were the happiest soul of the universe witnessing their children’s wedding

But they don’t know what their not so beloved children did behind their back..

“You sleep here i will sleep on couch” said vansh assuring a nervous riddhima that this is just a contract marriage

Their nuptial night were the longest night of their life..

Stop your dirty minds peepies..they kept staring at the ceiling as it was the most beautiful thing on that time..

The 4 feet couch was too small for a person like vansh and the new place wasn’t doing anything good with riddhima to let her sleep..

How much they wanted to start a conversation with each other but the contract papers kept roaming in their mind refraining them from doing anything which will prove them a normal couple

Vansh’s heart skipped a beat seeing his newly wedded wife in a red saree adorned with nuptial signs..and the wet hairs were teasing him more..

It could have a different scenario if it would be a normal marriage

He could have gone to his wife hugging her from behind nuzzling his nose on her bare back but this things were so foreign for him now..

He can’t..he can’t even touch her as the contract papers keep flashing in his mind .

Shrugging all his dirty thoughts he went to washroom only to be get frustrated more..

The whole washroom was filled with her fragrance..

He has to take atleast 2 cold showers to control his mood!!

No matter how much she tried to stay away from his things but afterall it’s his room..

Everything here belongs to him..

She didn’t even realise when she started taking care of his things including him..

From keeping his wet towel at right place to arranging his closet and giving him everything while going to office..she did her every work as an ideal wife..

Unknowingly they started liking each other’s presence

The silent nights turned into a talkative one..

Both started sharing their life with each other

“Aww!! My baby is angry..sorry Sweetheart i got thoda sa late today..

I pkka promise we will go for shopping tomorrow” he said holding his ears like a obedient husband

” You are saying this from past 2 days..hufff i am gussa now” said riddhima flaring her nose in anger..

He chuckled seeing his wife’s cute antics..

He just loves how her chubby cheeks turn more red in anger..

Pinching her nose slightly he messed her hairs more to make her agitated again..

And that was it!!she started running behind him holding a broom giving perfect couple goals..

“Riddhima stop yr” he said pulling her by her waist..

Her petite frame collided with his rock one..

She stumbled at her place and gasped sensing the proximity between them ..

But she didn’t want this moment to end!! His cold hands started making pattern on her bare waist..

She didn’t realise when she started ruffling his hairs lovingly

“Ahhemm..aahemm!!” Uma’s voice broke the reverie of two lost souls..

“Just give me my pota and i won’t force u both for anything” uma said with a sheepish smile and riddhima’s cheeks burned in embarrassment

A small blush crept on vansh’s cheek..

Who knows they might have imagined themselves running behind their chunnu munnu Sharing a cute little family moment

“Ab..ab wo..i think i forgot something is kept on stove” said riddhima abruptly and left like a bullet train leaving a amused uma behind

“I need a ..a ba..bath” vansh said and latched the bathroom door behind..

“What do u think my children that your mom doesn’t know about your contract..

If u are VR than i am your mom..

One day will come when u both won’t be able to leave each other” uma said smiling and left the room
It’s been 6 month since they are married..both heart started racing thinking about the upcoming divorce..

How many times they avoided this topic but till when..a day will come when their path will be apart..

“Van…” Her voice choked seeing him kissing a girl in his study!!

“Ri.. ridhima listen” he said pushing the girl on the floor..

She left weeping her tears not to show her vulernable side to him.

What if this marriage is a contract but no wife can see his husband with another woman..

“Out of my Mansion now” he roared like a loan and the girl left  in order to save her life from the devil

“Riddhima what the hell are u doing..look that was just a ” he tried to protest only to be cutted off by her

” See..i know what kind of relationship we are sharing..it is quite normal for u to go to another woman when you are not having any physical relationship with your wife..

I am ok..ok with that” she said gulping the lump forming in her throat..

His heart broke million times seeing her emotionless eyes..

They are living with each other from f**king 6 months..how can she just say that she is ok with him being with another woman

“Why are u packing your bags damn it..look you are not going anywhere” he shouted making her petrified

” I am going at dad’s place.. he needs me” riddhima said avoiding any kind of eye contact with him

“And what about me.. don’t i need u..you are not going and that’s final” he said with anger

“6 months are over vansh..we have to showcase that something is not right between us so that we can get divorce” she said and left the house ..

He kept looking at her retreating figure..

“Damn this girl😡”he fisted his hand greeting his teeth

“Aah..vansh how many times i have to tell u don’t keep this wet towel on bed” she said but soon realised it’s not their room..

She is at her father’s place..

“Missing him?”asked his dad coming from behind

“Ab..ab wo.. nothing like that” she said reluctantly

“That’s good..me and your uma mom are thinking to make an alliance for him.. afterall after your divorce he will need someone” his dad said and left the room!!

“Alliance” she wispered trying to digest the news she heard a moment ago

“Riddhima..where is my socks ..i am getting late yr..

I can’t find even a single thing without u” he said but reality hitted him hard ..

“Damn!!” He cursed himself again for relying on her completely

” If u are missing her this much then why are u taking divorce” uma said giving a cup of coffee to her son

“I am not missing her” he declared trying to lie to his mother who knows her son  in and out

“Good then..i thought u won’t like when her dad will find a boy for her..but seems like u are ok with that” she said and left the room leaving a jealous vansh behind

” Nobody can make coffee like u” he said pushing the cup of coffee on the table..
“You moron!! I will kill u with my bare hands if u find another woman for u” she barked pulling his collar like a wounded lioness

” I swear i will kill that jerk if anyone will try to eye u even” he shouted pulling her on him..

“I will rip off ur clothes if i see u with any other girl than me” she said looking directly into his eyes..

“This is cheating..why are u getting romantic between  a fight” he said whinning like a baby..

A blush crept on her cheeks and she instantly digged her head in his chest..

“Ri-ddhimma” he said stretching her name encircling her with his arms

“Don’t leave me plz..” she said and he realised she is sobbing

” That was an misunderstanding..i wasn’t kissing her” he declared and her eyes widened realising she just mistook the situation

She hitted her forehead with her plam followed by him

“Will u leave me”, she asked making a pout

“Yaah..in your dreams only but not in reality” he said and smashed his lips with her’s

“Do hell with the contract ..you are mine and i am not gonna leave u ever” he declared joining their foreheads

” I love u” she said pecking his forehead slightly

“Ahem aheem!” Their parents voice broke their little happy plus emotional moment

“You both played with us na” vansh said hugging his mother from behind

” we had to.. because i know my dumbass son”uma said hitting his forehead

“Mommm…”vansh whinned like a 2 year old kid

Riddhima hugged her father happily

“Let’s give some privacy to couple uma ji.. afterall i want to see my grandkids soon” her father said to uma and both left the room teasingly

“I love u “vansh said taking her in his embrace

“I love u more amour” she said and let him do whatever he wants..

“Don’t u want ur freedom back Sweetheart” he asked raising his brows

“I wanna be caged in your love” she said pecking his lips

He took her to the bed in his arms..

Hovering upon her his hand started searching the zip of her dress..

Aage ka khud imagine krlo..i am tired!!

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