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Chahat asks them to reply to her question, Bopho replies that both Vyas je and Zain have died and the blood belongs to them both, Chahat is not able to believe it, Naveli exclaims that when they came upstairs Neel had the dagger which murdered Zain so Aalekh jee had him arrested, Shlok and Dua both question if their father would come never come back. Chahat hears the voice of Aalekh who is asking everyone to take the blessings of Vyas je one last time.

Chahat reaches downstairs, yelling the name of Vyas jee, Aalekh however stops her saying that she is the reason Vyas je has died and it is her punishment that she would not get to see him the last time, Chahat requests him to take on his revenge some other time, Aalekh instructs everyone to take the blessings and orders Bopho to leave with Vyas je however he says that Aalekh does not have any right to prevent Chahat from seeing Vyas je, Chahat however sitting questions why has this happened to her because first her first father was taken from her and now her second father has been snatched from her, Aalekh pulls her away, she in despair sees that his hand is moving, she yells at them to stop mentioning how she saw the hand of Vyas je is moving, Aalekh exclaims he doesnot believe in her tears but Chahat seeing the pulse questions why would he lie about it as there is a pulse but it is weak, Bopho suggests they should take Vyas je to the hospital however Chahat refuses saying they have to operate in the house, she asks everyone to bring Vyas je.

Neel is being beaten in the jail, the inspector questions why he murdered Vyas je, Neel is constantly denying that he had anything to do with the murder however the police do not listen to him, they are still interrogating him.
Chahat is with Vyas je in the room, saying he must not give up and should remain strong because she doesnot have the strength to lose her second father, she even has to prove the innocence of Neel and Vyas je is the only one who knows what happened in the room, Bopho leaves after placing the utensils, Chahat starts performing the surgery. She warms the knife and calls Vyas je.

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Bopho exclaims Chahat is alone and performing the surgery, he prays that her efforts be successful, Shlok mentions she would be successful as they both would pray for her, Dua mentions that even Allah listens to the prayers of the children, they start the prayers, while Chahat is with Vyas je who moves so Chahat exclaims that he has to remain strong for the sake of Neel and his grandchildren.

Naveli standing mentions after her father went away, Vyas je gave her the love of a father so she is praying that he should get healthy, Aalekh think that if Vyas je gets healthy then Neel would come out of the jail which he cannot allow so Vyas je must die, Chahat is performing the surgery when she prays that nothing wrong happen to Vyas je, she manages to remove the bullet and is relieved to see that the blood pressure is normal however she is stunned to see that the blood pressure is so low, she puts down the equipment, rushing to Naveli, they all questions her what has happened, Chahat replies that he is fine but has gone in a coma, Shlok and Dua both question if Vyas je would never wake up, Dua asks if he has died but Chahat says she must not say like this because Vyas je has just went into deep sleep so they do not know when he would wake up.

Aalekh exclaims that even the Dhiani family would have to bear the costs of the hospital so now they also know that nine out of ten patients do not come alive, he goes on to blame Chahat mentioning she was slow so did not save Vyas je, Chahat slaps him saying that he has no right to blame her as they all know that he is not the fair of heart, she question why was he in such a hurry to perform the last rituals of Vyas je as he wanted to claim this house or the position of the trustee of the Mandir as his own, she blames him but Naveli exclaims she knows Aalekh is not fair however he was with them, Chahat asks Bopho to bring the recording which is of the terrace as they would then be able to find out who fired the bullet.

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Chahat sees the video with everyone, the spot that someone climbed on the terrace, Aalekh however exclaims that she has found out he did not do anything wrong, Bopho mentions that Aalekh is right as they do not have any solid proof because a lot of people saw Neel with the dagger, they all plan saying that they have to get the dagger from the police as this is the only way to prove the innocence of Neel.

Neel in the lockup tries to explain that he is innocent, Chahat comes mentioning it is a lie as Vyas je is alive, she goes to Neel assuring nothing wrong would happen, she explains Vyas je has gone in a coma, the inspector says this means no one can prove his innocence, Chahat assures Neel they would help him, Neel replies that Zain before dying said that he did not kill Vyas je, Chahat exclaims she now has to get the dagger.

Chahat asks her children if they remember what they have to do, Shlok and Dua both start creating a mess at the police station, they do not listen to anyone demanding that they let Neel go, the inspector question what do they have to do when Dua replies she is hungry because her mother does not know how to cook so she wants to eat the Paratha made by her father, Shlok also wants them to realise Neel as he needs to be strong, the constable questions how he would be able to stay fit after eating the Paratha, Shlok replies he needs to exercise since Neel is his instructor, they asks them both to stop however Shlok and Dua create even more havoc, Chahat seeing the opportunity rushes to the evidence room, she is searching however is not able to find anything, she sees the box which has the dagger, Chahat hides it in her dupatta leaving.

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