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Qubool Hai ~~ Pyaar Ka Afsana (Episode 24)- India A2Z - India A2Z

Qubool Hai ~~ Pyaar Ka Afsana (Episode 24)- India A2Z

Hey guys , right here is the brand new episode. Blissful Studying!! Do give your helpful feedback.

Episode 24:-

Will Sanam be capable to work out an answer with assist of Seher and Afeeza?

Night time, Afeeza’s flat .

Seher, Afeeza and Haya is listening to Sanam.

Afeeza – “ What’s occurring? One after the opposite , you might be stepping into issues”.

Seher – “I believe Bhopal’s wind isn’t good for Sanam . However you might be life has turn into attention-grabbing. For those who attempt to get these items and write them right into a e-book, you’ll be a bestseller creator”.

Seher smiles however she closes her mouth when she sees Sanam trying her angrily.

Afeeza appears Seher .

Sanam – “ It’s not humorous Seher. You received’t perceive the state of affairs. Right here ,I don’t know what to do “.

Afeeza – “ You don’t fear we’ll work out some resolution “.

Seher – “ Sanam , my expensive ! I can perceive your state of affairs however what’s the level in worrying. We’ve got to consider an answer “.

In the meantime Dilshad is standing behind them listening to all the pieces. Simply then Seher turns and see Dilshad.

Seher – “ Badi Ammi !”

Everybody will get up and turns again and shocked . Dilshad appears all with severe gaze.

Dilshad- “ Sanam , you might be so grown up that you just received’t share your drawback with me !”

Sanam – “ Badi Ammi, it’s not like that ! I didn’t need to provide you with any stress”.

Dilshad- “ Sanam, Iam not that weak that I’ll collapse listening to about issues. You kids haven’t seen issues like me “.

Seher – “ What a dialogue! That’s like my Badi Ammi. Now you inform this woman not fall weak “.

Dilshad retains her hand over Sanam’s shoulder and she or he makes her sit . She sit close to to her and others sit round them .

Dilshad – “ Sanam, what’s your actual drawback?’
Sanam – “ Badi Ammi, I really feel like… I’m misplaced someplace”.
Dilshad – “ Why do you assume so ?”
Sanam – “ It’s not as a result of I’m dealing with issues one after the opposite. After we have been in Punjab , we had drawback there too however I by no means felt so low there. I’m feeling confused. The best way all the pieces is going on , all the pieces looks like unclear”.
Dilshad – “ Sanam, we are able to’t design our life the way in which we wish . See, take the case of river. What’s it’s vacation spot ? It’s vacation spot is ocean , but it surely’s path isn’t simple. It has to cross hills, mountains, deserts , lands and its path will get diverted by stone and pebbles. However after crossing all hurdles river reaches it’s vacation spot. We human’s life can also be like that”.
Seher – “ In easy phrases, take life because it comes. Preserve eye in your purpose , take each drawback as a problem, clear up it and transfer ahead”.

Afeeza – “ That’s it. There’s something known as destiny, everybody’s destiny is already written. We are able to’t change it, however we are able to deal with issues which is in our management. And you’ve got us all with you, we make it easier to out to unravel this drawback too. So chill !”
Dilshad smiles . Sanam feels relaxed. She appears all with a small smile.
Sanam – “Sure , this too shall cross”.
Dilshad – “ That’s like my woman. when Asad will get low, he use to suppress it. And when he feels prefer it’s an excessive amount of he use to get low. Then I exploit to speak to him like this. However as soon as he comes out of this zone, he use to amaze everybody by getting out of the issue like champion”.
Sanam – “ So what do you concentrate on me ? Will I be capable to do like Abbu?”
Dilshad – “ Sure, my expensive. You’re similar to my Asad . Simply imagine in your self”.

Sanam – “Thanks , Badi ammi. I’ll face all the pieces bravely”.

Dilshad – “ Simply bear in mind , all the pieces occurs for a cause. It’s okay , in case you can’t work out that cause. Simply watch for issues to get unfold slowly, sooner or later you’ll get a transparent imaginative and prescient”.

Dilshad will get up. Everybody will get up.
Sanam – “ Is there one thing for me on this metropolis to do ? Is that the explanation why all these items are occurring?”
Dilshad will get into thought as she hears it.
Dilshad (thinks) – “ Even I’m considering the identical, is all the pieces linked to our previous? I had left all the pieces incomplete final time as a result of I wished to avoid wasting my children. Is all of it destiny’s recreation to convey us all again to this place for some cause”.
Sanam – “ Badi Ammi”.
Dilshad comes out of her ideas and see all of them her.
Haya (indicators)- “ What are you considering?”
Dilshad smiles immediately to cover her concern.
Dilshad – “Nothing. Now, you individuals take into consideration the answer. I’ll convey you all some tea to awake your brains”.
Afeeza – “ We are going to put together it. Badi Ammi, you need to sleep now”
Dilshad – “ Making a tea received’t scale back my sleep. You all are my children, I’m elder one. Now, you all take my orders. You begin your dialogue , I’ll convey you all sizzling tea. Then I’ll go to mattress”.
Seher (mimicking ginnie model) – “ As you say my lord, your want is our command”.
Dilshad – “ Okay Ginnies”.
She leaves . Afeeza and Seher laughs. Sanam smiles. Haya appears Sanam and holds to her.
Afeeza – “ So, let’s analyse the state of affairs clearly. There’s one thing else occurring behind you ,Sanam. There are 2 possibilities , one – Aahil has his hand behind it , for apparent causes and second one- somebody used you as protect to do one thing towards your organization”.
Seher – “There are possibilities for first possibility since Sanam and Aahil isn’t in good phrases”.
Sanam – “ If there was another person on his place, I wouldn’t suspect that possibility. However because it’s him, even that’s attainable”.
Afeeza – “ Yeah… however chances are high extra for 2nd one. Cause no.1 – This concern isn’t one thing foolish, somebody with mind received’t do such issues only for successful a foolish combat. Cause no.2 – This has affected their firm repute in addition to his picture, these wealthy individuals may be very a lot involved about their picture. Cause no.3 – If he needed to bother you , why would he allow you to go so simply?”

Sanam – “ You make sense. To be frank, he was actually tensed by this entire concern”.
Afeeza – “ Then we must always proceed with 2nd one”.
Seher – “ Out of your explaination , your video is fabricated . I watched it once more. Why would somebody achieve this?”
Sanam – “ In order that Ruby can have good witness to help her level”.
Afeeza – “ Precisely, however query is who instructed her about your points with Aahil?”
Seher – “ Somebody who is aware of about this “.
Sanam – “ Which implies somebody from workplace is concerned?”
Afeeza – “That’s the purpose”.
Haya (indicators) – “ Learn how to clear up this mess?”
Everybody thinks for some time . Dilshad brings tea for all. Everybody have it.
Dilshad – “ Bought any thought ?”
Haya (indicators)- “ We’re considering, we’ll determine it out. Please go and sleep ‘.
Sanam – “ Haya is true. Badi Ammi , you go and sleep”.
Seher – “ I agree “.
Afeeza – “ Me too”.
Dilshad – “ Okay, you guys stick with it. I’m going”.

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Dilshad goes to sleep. Others retains considering.

Haya(indicators) – “ What’s the resolution?”
Seher – “ Resolution?”
Afeeza – “ We’ve got to begin issues rapidly. We’ve got solely 3 days”.
Sanam – “ We’ve got to get all particulars about Ruby , who’s she related to , her ally from workplace and we’ve to get her confessions & proofs to show my innocence”.
Haya (indicators)- “ I believe you need to inform these items to your boss. What if he helps you?”.

Sanam – “ He would by no means assist me. He simply hate me. Regardless that this example is crucial for him, he’s nonetheless making an attempt to make use of it towards me. We are able to’t anticipate his assist”.
Seher – “ Why don’t you are taking Rehaan’s assist?”
Afeeza – “ Sanam , you need to do this “.
Sanam – “ Sure, he would undoubtedly assist me. Even at this time, he’s one who interfered between us and I bought this chance”.
Seher – “Okay. However you must also attempt to get some particulars from Aahil too”.
Sanam – “Why?”
Seher – “ After I tried to know extra this example, I bought to know that Ruby has additionally filed case towards him on grounds of dishonest, harassment and bodily hurting her”.
Sanam – “ What ? I wasn’t conscious of all these items. However how did you bought to know all this ?”
Seher- “ My good friend , Rocky instructed me all these items. Truly, his journalist good friend had went to cowl this information”.

Afeeza – “ Possibly that’s the explanation why Aahil was tremendous indignant. The case is so severe”.
Sanam remembers Aahil’s expression whereas scolding her in workplace.
Sanam (thinks) – “ So he was upset and he burst out on me as a result of this factor. Oho. I used to be considering he was merely getting indignant with me”.

Haya pats on Sanam’s shoulder and enquires what’s she considering so deeply.

Sanam – “ Nothing, I used to be enthusiastic about Aahil bursting on me this morning. I wasn’t conscious of his state of affairs. He was already upset and I used to be getting indignant on him too”.
Seher – “Oho.. what’s occurring ? You’re feeling sorry for him? Hate to pity!”

Sanam appears Seher angrily when she understand Seher is teasing her .

Afeeza management her smile.

Sanam – “ Seher, cease it. Iam not sorry for me getting indignant on him, by the way in which .. it was all due to him ,I bought indignant. That’s it”.
Afeeza – “Guys, Go away it for now . Let’s consider resolution”.

Aahil’s home.
Aahil is at his room. He is considering the difficulty. He will get a name from Ruchika. He picks the decision.
Aahil – “ Ruchika, what’s the matter?”

Ruchika – “ Aahil, did you watched the information. Ridiculous issues are approaching it”.
Aahil – “ Do assume I’d do all these items ?”

Ruchika – “I do know you ,nicely. You may shout at individuals however you received’t increase hand on any girl. I’m your good friend. I do know all the pieces is only a false allegation. Aahil, please don’t get careworn. It’s time to combat”.
Aahil –“ I’m utterly confused. Ruby is crafty and her case wasn’t shocking. However that testimonial half was surprising. I didn’t anticipated that she’s going to help Ruby in her plan”.

Ruchika – “ You imply Sanam?”
Aahil stays silent. His disappointment is obvious in the way in which he will get unhappy listening to Sanam’s title.
Ruchika – “ However Aahil ,I don’t assume she is concerned in it. Why would somebody depart a powerful proof like CCTV footage? I do suspect some foul play on this entire case as Rehaan stated”.

Aahil – “ I don’t perceive why you individuals assume that Sanam received’t be concerned in all this ? Even Nazia , stated the identical”.
Ruchika – “ Suppose it your self. You’re going to get the reply. I actually assume you need to now consider the true drawback . It’s actually severe. The whole lot is at stake”.

Aahil – “ Yeah , I do know”.

Ruchika hangs up after someday. However Aahil will get into his ideas. He thinks about Sanam defending herself within the morning. He remembers her harmless expression when she was explaining herself.
Aahil (considering) – “ In actual fact, someplace I too really feel she will by no means do that deliberately. What if she was trapped on this ? However all this evidences is making me confused”.

Aahil scratches his head.

Afeeza’s Flat.
Sanam – “ However there’s a drawback in between all this . 3 activity, 3 day !”.
Afeeza – “ Oho.. will that duties be simple ?”
Sanam – “ No method… he received’t be that sort. He’ll give me one thing which is definitely tough and hard. I can assure that “.
Afeeza – “ We’ve got discover a method out”.
Seher – “ Isi baat pe sher arz karna chahungi”.
Afeeza – “Irshad, Irshad..”
Seher – “ Jab kaam ho tedhi aur dangerous , Jab kaam ho tedhi aur dangerous , Fikra not.. kyunki mein hoon yahan repair karne har kaam jo hain tedhi . Shukriya..Shukriya.. (When the job is hard and dangerous , Don’t fear, as a result of Iam right here to repair all jobs which can be tough. Thanks .. Thanks )”
Sanam retains her hand on head. Whereas Haya and Afeeza encourage her. Seher smiles.
Sanam – “ In case you are achieved , let’s speak one thing sense ?”
Seher – “ Sanam, that is your drawback. You’re so inflexible, one ought to be versatile in line with state of affairs and folks round you. If I have been in your home, your boss would have been funnier. You don’t know to deal issues in line with its nature”.
Sanam – “ I’m like this ,I can’t change. I don’t know to behave, I react to individuals in line with how they deal with me”.
Afeeza – “ Guys, let’s focus”.
Haya present solidarity to Afeeza. Sanam and Seher stops preventing. They hatches a plan.

Subsequent morning ,

Sanam reaches Aahil’s home as regular. She does all the pieces as regular. She notices Lateef behaving in another way, as if being upset with Sanam.

Sanam – “Lateef !”

Lateef appears Sanam.

Sanam – “ Are you indignant with me?”
Lateef – “ Sanam, how may you do that to Aahil Baba? I by no means anticipated this from you”.
Sanam – “ Lateef, I haven’t achieved something. Your notion will change as soon as I show my innocence”.

Shazia comes into the kitchen being indignant.

Shazia – “ Oho.. actually? By the way in which, you haven’t made me shocked. From the start , I knew that you’ll create some drawback for my Bro jaan. However I didn’t thought you had such evil plans. How crafty? You center class individuals are at all times imply”.

Sanam – “ You may assume no matter you need. I will provide you with a correct reply as soon as I get free from this pretend allegations”.

Sanam goes to Aahil’s room with espresso. Aahil is already awake. She knocks the door, then she opens the door. She spots Aahil sitting on the sofa with laptop computer. Then he notices Sanam. His face clearly conveys how upset he’s together with her. She retains the espresso on the desk close to him. He appears her. She give him a look and switch again to depart.

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Aahil – “ How can I belief that you just haven’t blended something further added on this espresso ?”
Sanam stops listening to his remark. Aahil appears at her to listen to her reply.

Sanam – “ If something occurs to you, how will I stand in entrance of you with my head held up after proving my innocence. You may have it with out worrying, I received’t hurt you or let anybody else hurt you until then”.

(Junoon tera ishq ka music performed within the bg)

Aahil’s eyes are on Sanam being confused. Sanam leaves the room with perspective.
Then after preparing and so they reaches his workplace.

Aahil’s workplace.

Different staffs doesn’t thoughts Sanam . Everyone seems to be upset together with her. Sanam feels dangerous seeing all of them behaving like this however doesn’t let that seem on her face. Rehaan involves her . He smiles at her . This makes her really feel good.
Rehaan – “ Hai, Sanam”.
Sanam – “ Ha,i Rehaan”.
Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai is looking you”.
Sanam – “ Could also be , for giving me my first activity”.
Rehaan – “ In all probability, that’s the case”.
Sanam – “ I believe , it is not going to be simple ”.
Rehaan – “ I agree, however attempt it by entire coronary heart”.
Sanam – “ You’re actually good”.
Rehaan smiles. Sanam goes to Aahil’s cabin. Aahil is sitting in his chair . There may be file saved on the desk. Aahil appears Sanam . He pushes the file in direction of Sanam.
Aahil – “ Take this file, examine it. Current it nicely and crack the deal ”.
Sanam – “ What ?”
Aahil – “ Your first activity – at this time, it’s important to current our thought in entrance of our shopper and it’s important to impress them . In the event that they agrees for the deal , you’ll win this activity in any other case you willout of this workplace”.
Sanam will get shocked. Rehaan appears Aahil in confusion.
Rehaan –“ However Aahil bhai,…”.
Aahil – “ Wait Rehaan. Sanam , assembly is at 2pm. You can begin your preparation, so see you at sharp 2pm. Now you possibly can depart”.
Sanam – “However..”.
Aahil – “ For those who can’t do it , you possibly can apologise to me in the way in which I would like and you may depart this workplace by accepting that you would be able to’t win infront of Aahil Raza Ibrahim”.
Sanam will get tensed. Aahil appears her with a sarcastic smile and he waits for her reply. Rehaan feels pity for Sanam.
Sanam – “ I’ll do it”.
Aahil smiles fortunately. Rehaan appears her being shocked. Sanam appears Aahil being decided.
Sanam – “ I’ll full this activity , that’s what I meant”.
Sanam leaves the cabin. Rehaan appears anxious. Aahil smirks.
Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai, this activity is an excessive amount of”.

Aahil – “ I do know. For somebody , who has even seen steps of faculty , who’s simply twelfth cross and have simply an expertise of dealing prospects at her native restaurant ; this activity is a herculean activity. And that’s what I would like . She ought to know the place does she stand”.
Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai, however this shopper isn’t somebody who is simple to impress. It’s Mr.Farhaan , he’s a perfectionist. Thus he received’t tolerate any errors”.
Aahil – “ I do know that , he would give simply 5 minutes to somebody. If an individual can hook him to the presentation in that 5 minute , then he’ll take heed to the presentation even whether it is boring . That’s what I would like “.
Rehaan – “She don’t have any such expertise. If she fail , it would have an effect on our firm’s repute”.
Aahil – “ It received’t , I’ll deal with it . By the way in which, he’s coming right here simply to maintain his phrase, as he had promised us earlier than. He’s right here to dismiss additional talks over this deal after presentation. So this received’t be an issue”.
Rehaan – “ However ..”
Aahil – “Simply chill,man . Go and get again to work”.
Rehaan leaves the cabin. Aahil will get again to his work.
Sanam appears the file and simply flip pages. She will get into pressure.

Rehaan see her trying the file being tensed. Rehaan stroll in direction of his desk. As he reaches his desk, he takes a bottle of water. He walks to Sanam’s desk and he retains it on Sanam’s desk. Sanam appears him being confused. Rehaan smiles.
Rehaan – “ Have some water and chill out. Then take into consideration all this , you’ll get a method to clear up all this”.
Sanam – “Thanks”.

Rehaan goes to his desk. Sanam drinks water and appears Rehaan with a smile. She tries to chill out herself . She goes to a quiet place and calls Afeeza & Seher on convention name. They each picks the decision.
Sanam – “ Guys, I bought my first activity”
Afeeza – “ What’s the activity ?”
Sanam – “I’ve to offer a presentation in entrance of a shopper , and I’ve to get the shopper signal the deal”.
Seher &Afeeza – “What ?”
Sanam – “ I don’t know what to do ? However I’ve to do it someway however I don’t have any thought about all this”.
Seher – “ Ought to I come there ? I can take over your home and full this activity”

Sanam – “ No. I received’t do any dishonest in my duties , I’ve to do all of it myself”.
Seher – “ Why are you getting so adamant ?”
Sanam – “ As a result of I don’t need to be a dishonest individual. I received’t compromise on my ideas”.
Afeeza – “ Sanam, simply take heed to me now. This isn’t an enormous deal that you would be able to’t do it anyway. Sanam , you had a expertise of operating your dhabba proper?”.
Seher – “ She was an skilled there to make her each new prospects fan of her meals and dhabba. Attributable to her method of dealing with , individuals use to come back again once more”.
Afeeza – “ That’s it. Sanam , you are able to do this too. At your dhabba, it was your meals and repair that made what you are promoting work. Enterprise is straightforward , all it’s important to do, is to impress your shopper with high quality of your product & service and you ought to be clear . And promote your product and repair nicely , in order that they really feel like their spend cash is worthful”.

Sanam – “ However .. this firm is one thing else”.
Seher – “Afeeza is true. Sanam, you need to take into consideration this state of affairs in your method. Suppose that an investor is coming to have assembly with you , you’ve gotten current issues in that method, that they comply with spend money on your restaurant mission”.
Afeeza – “Precisely”.
Sanam – “ Will that work ?”
Afeeza – “ It’s going to work for positive”.
Seher – “ Simply assume that it’s important to win in entrance of your boss and show him that you are able to do something. Put together a superb PPT for the assembly”.
Afeeza – “ All the very best, Sanam”.

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Sanam – “ Okay , thanks”.
Sanam cuts the decision. She will get decided . Sanam goes in and test the information clearly. She takes out a paper notes some particulars. She goes to some staffs to get some particulars however everybody ignores her. None of them assist her. She then goes Rehaan and ask him about some doubts. Rehaan helps her. When Aahil comes out of his cabin he witness Rehaan and Sanam . He appears them being severe.
Aahil – “Rehaan..”
Rehaan and Sanam turns listening to Aahil calling out Rehaan’s title. They appear Aahil .
Rehaan – “ Sure, Aahil bhai”.
Aahil – “ Come to my cabin , proper now. Each of you”.
Rehaan and Sanam will get confused. Aahil goes to his cabin and he sits on his chair being irritated. Rehaan and Sanam enters the cabin. Aahil offers a stern look to Sanam after which to Rehaan.
Aahil – “ I had given the duty to Sanam and she or he has to do it alone. You shouldn’t assist her”
Rehaan – “ She was asking for some data that she want about mission in order that she will put together nicely”.
Aahil – “ Sanam, why are you disturbing Rehaan for such pity issues? You could possibly have requested about such issues to different staffs”.
Sanam – “ I requested others however everyone seems to be simply ignoring me. That’s the explanation why I needed to take Rehaan’s assist”.
Aahil – “So that you have been simply asking informations concerning mission . Tremendous. You may clear your doubts from Rehaan. I’ll give quarter-hour , you ask about each useful resource materials concerning this mission from him however it’s important to do it in presence. After that it’s important to do all of it your self, with out anybody’s assist sitting in my cabin”.
Sanam – “However how can get all my doubts achieved inside quarter-hour?”
Aahil will get up from his chair and stands near Sanam. Sanam appears him being confused.
Aahil – “ I will provide you with a 5 minutes cool off time to determine what are your doubts, then I’ll begin the timer. If need you should use it since you received’t get one other probability different this”.

Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai, it’s okay . I don’t have any drawback in serving to her”.
Aahil – “However I’ve.. so Sanam your cool off time begins now”.
Sanam (thinks) – “ This man will make my life hell”.
Aahil steps again and relaxation himself towards the desk. Aahil begins the timer. Sanam begins to jot down down her douts in her e-book. Rehaan feels pity for her. Aahil smiles. Rehaan appears her writings whereas she is writing. He reads it.
Rehaan – “I’ll come now earlier than her 15 minute begins”.
Aahil – “ However the place are you going ?”
Sanam appears Rehaan being confused. Rehaan blinks his eyes to guarantee her. Sanam continues her work.
Rehaan – “I might be again in 2 minutes”
Aahil – “Tremendous”.
Sanam finishes writing her doubts. Cool off time finishes. Aahil begins timer for quarter-hour and indicators it to Sanam. Sanam appears for Rehaan. Aahil smiles and sits on his chair. Aahil thinks Sanam will battle as Rehaan is getting late to come back again. Sanam will get anxious. After 10 minutes, Rehaan comes inside with some information and pen drive. Aahil will get confused seeing these issues, Sanam turn into clueless. Rehaan smiles .
Sanam – “ There may be solely 5 minutes left”.
Rehaan – “Sanam, these information and pendrive have nearly each data concerning this mission that may make it easier to”.
Sanam’s face lit up with shock.

Aahil will get indignant.

Rehaan takes her notepad and reads her doubts and scribble down solutions to only a few doubts.
Aahil – “Rehaan, this isn’t honest . You may’t do like this”.
Rehaan – “ Why not Aahil bhai, you had given me order to clear her doubts, proper? I’m simply following that , you didn’t give any directions concerning how ought to I do it? When we’ve time constrains ,we’ve to assume out of the field , proper?”
Sanam – “ You’re completely , proper. Thanks a lot”.
Rehaan – “ Welcome”.
Aahil will get irritated seeing Sanam and Rehaan’s pleasant bond. Sanam appears Aahil with perspective this irks him extra.

quarter-hour will get over then she remembers one thing. Sanam tries to talk however Aahil faucets on the desk.
Aahil – “Time over Sanam. Rehaan , you will get again to work”.
Sanam – “ It’s an vital factor “.
Aahil – “ It doesn’t matter . Rule is rule”.
Rehaan – “ All the very best, Sanam”.
Rehaan leaves Aahil’s cabin. Aahil smiles. Sanam sits on the chair close to facet desk. She appears all the pieces. Aahil will get into his works
After generally, Aahil checks Sanam. Sanam studying information and writing down factors to her notepads. She is totally immersed in her activity. He finds her utterly dedidated in what she is doing.

(Junoon tere ishq ka begins play on bg)

Aahil’s eye doesn’t transfer from Sanam. She faucets on desk with pen as she is considering one thing. She in all probability will get an thought , she writes it down being completely satisfied. Unintentionally, her happiness brings a smile on his face.

Then Sanam turns her head. She see him and she or he appears him again being confused. Aahil immediately takes his telephone and goes out of the cabin.

Sanam (thinks)- “ Possibly, he’s considering how he can bother me extra”.

Precap :- Sanam is standing infront of their shopper,Farhan. She is nervous. Aahil appears Sanam with victorious smile whereas Sanam is tensed.

Ruby opens the door and she or he will get shocked seeing Sanam.

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