My Obsessed Husband #Riansh (Chapter-25)


Author’s POV:-

Riddhima: Vansh…What happe…..?

She asked and stopped in her way as she saw blood across his neck. She brought her hands to his back and felt his red shirt to be wet. She looked at her hand and saw blood. She looked side at Ahaan who closed his eyes smiling looking at him. She looked back at Vansh.

Riddhima: Vansh…Open your eyes…Vansh…

She cupped his face and patted his cheeks to make him gain his consciousness. She made him lay down on the floor and took his head in her lap and looked at his face.

Riddhima: Vansh…Open your eyes….I won’t let anything happen to you.

She held his hands and wiped her tears. She looked at his jeans and then searched for his phone in it. As she found it, opening it she was about to dial for Ambulance, just when Angre called her. She picked up the phone with trembling hands.

Angre: Boss…Ha….

He was about to ask when he heard her voice.

Riddhima: Angre….woah…Vansh…

She said and looked at Vansh who was unconsciously lying on her lap.

Angre: Bhabhi…Thank God bhai found you. Bhabhi can you pass the phone to bhai?

He asked and waited for her to say something but when she didn’t do anything.

Angre: Bhabhi.

No response came from her as was looking at Vansh while tears were flowing from her eyes.

Angre: Bhabbhhhiiii.

He shouted and she trembled as if she woke up from some horror dream.

Riddhima: Angre….Woah Vansh….Ahaan…

She said and Angre was confused from her words.

Angre: Bhabhi…Calm down….Boss? Where is he?

She looked back again at Vansh and took a deep breath.

Riddhima: Angre…Vansh….he is unconscious Ahaan had shot him.

Riddhima said and waited for Angre to tell her something.

Angre: Bhabhi… Don’t worry nothing will happen to Boss. You do one thing, call the ambulance and then call me back.

She heard him carefully.

Riddhima: Angre I don’t know where I’m?

She said and Angre didn’t said anything on this for a while.

Angre: Don’t disconnect the call.

Riddhima kept the phone aside and looked at Vansh waiting for the ambulance to come quickly. She ran her hand through his hairs and bending down kissed on his forehead and kept her head on his.

Riddhima: Vansh…I promise. I won’t let anything happen to you.

She said and closed her eyes as tears came out from it.

Angre: Bhabhi…What about Ahaan?

Angre asked suddenly and she turned back to see him lying there lifelessly.

Riddhima: He is lying there but I don’t think he is dead.

She said and eyed his body with a disgusting look.

Angre: Bhabhi, you have to do few things. First take bhai out of there, I’ll tell you how to drive and before that lock that room because if bhai didn’t killed him than for sure he must have planned something different for Ahaan.

Riddhima looked at Vansh, she don’t have the energy to hold him and take him out as she had been drugged thrice. If anyhow she lost her consciousness in middle then it would be difficult for her to save him. She took a deep breath.

Riddhima: Angre I’m disconnecting the call for sometimes.

She said and then did. Coming to Vansh, she slowly laid him down on the floor and came back to Ahaan. Holding his broken arms, she checked his pulse.

Riddhima: Should I also take him to doctor?

She mumbled to herself and confused moved back to Vansh. Holding him through his shoulders she made him sit back and taking out her dupatta tied it around his injured place to stop the blood loss.

Riddhima: Angre said not to take him but how can I leave him here?

She said to herself thinking about Ahaan and then heard a gasp, she looks behind to find Vansh in the same position. She looks at Ahaan and saw him taking deep breaths. Shocked she moves back, away from him getting scared and saw him coughing while he was vomiting blood.

Looking around, she didn’t found any water to give him. She heard her phone ringing and picking it up she heard Angre’s voice while looking at Ahaan.

Angre: Bhabhi, you did?

He asked and she looks at Vansh.

Riddhima: Angre, woah Ahaan gained his conscious.

She said shocking him on the other side.

Angre: Bhabhi, leave him there he won’t be able to do anything. You take bhai from there please.

She without thinking anything further. Slowly held Vansh and made him sit back. Exhaling a deep breath, she made him got up and encircled his arm around her. Her leg stumbled as she felt dizzy marking that the third doze of drug had started working on her body.

Slowly coming out, she looks at Vansh’s car as it was in its worst condition. Opening the side cars door, she made him get in and again stumbled. Her head was about to hit on the stone when she clutched Vansh’s hand tightly to control her grip. Getting back she took out the phone from Vansh pocket and kept it on the phone stand.

Angre: Bhabhi…

She heard him and took a deep breath.

Riddhima: Angre, I did what you said now how do I drive? I don’t know how to drive.

She said in a single breath and panicked voice.

Angre: Bhabhi I’ll tell you. Look down and you’ll see one break and one clutch. Keep your left foot on clutch and press it all the way down to the floor. And Right foot on the brake.

Riddhima heard him and did as he told her. She again felt her eyes getting blur

Angre: now look at the key and turn it in clockwise direction until engine gets start

She did and the heard car’s engine turning on. She looks at Vansh who was still unconscious.

Angre: Bhabhi, don’t panic hold the steering carefully look at your left side there is the gear shifter and you have to Shift into first gear, moving the gear shifter to the left and up. Once the car is in gear, you can take your foot off the brake.

She curses herself for being in such a situation and taking a deep breath did carefully as he said.

Riddhima: Did now?

She asked him and he slowly starts directing her way to the hospital. She didn’t wished to ask him how he knows the way so carefully as right now she was more concerned for Vansh.


Ahaan dragged his body to the end of the room making drawings on the floor through his blood. He looks at his hand as he finally got what he wanted. He took a deep breath and tries to sit straight. Looking at his phone screen he dials the number. After a continuous ring, the person on other side picked up his phone.

Voice: What the hell? Where are you?

He heard the person shouting.

Ahaan: On my grave, btw I have a good news for you.

He said and picked up his and looked at it.

Voice: What blunder you did now?

He heard and smirked.

Ahaan: Vansh Raisinghania is dead.

He said and felt the other side person taking deep breaths.

Voice: Thank god.

Ahaan shrieks in pain as he felt the pain ran down his broken and injured arm.

Ahaan: Don’t thank your god. Thank me for this.

He said smiling and caressed his injured arm.

Voice: Thank God that you’re not in front of me or I would have chopped your body into damn thousand pieces and feed them to stray dogs. Useless bastard.

Gritting his teeth he wanted to kill that person.

Ahaan: Shut up. How dare you to talk to me like that?

He yelled at her talking all the power he had.

Voice: Now tell me your location.

He heard her and rolled his eyes in frustration.

Ahaan: I’m in Switzerland.

He told and waited for the other side to give him some order, just when he felt his legs going numb.

Voice: Great now shoot yourself.

He gasped in shock and looked at his phone.

Voice: Stop thinking Ahaan, you don’t have that much time left. Throw this phone somewhere and shoot yourself.

He heard and clutched his phone in anger

Ahaan: I won’t and who the hell are you to make me do this?

He asked and closed his eyes feeling the endless pain.

Voice: So you want that death which Vansh Raisinghania will give you?

He opened his eyes in jerk.

Ahaan: I had shot him by myself. I don’t think there is any chance on him getting up.

He said and smirked at his own plan.

Voice: How can a person be such a fool? You really think he’ll die so easily. Stop day dreaming and shoot yourself right now right there.

He heard him and closed his eyes and opening it looked at the gun in front of him. He threw the phone out of the window after switching it off. Keeping the gun on his temple, he pressed the trigger.


Riddhima opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. On feeling her head getting heavy she held it and blinked her eyes again and again to check where she was now. She felt someone held her arm, she was about to jerk when she saw a women standing there.

Women: Don’t worry. You’re in hospital and I’m a nurse here. How are you feeling now?

She asked and the first thing that came into her mind was Vansh. She remembered she got unconscious in the way.

Riddhima: Vansh? Where is he? And how I came here?

She asked and was removing the saline drip from her hand when the nurse held her hand.

Nurse: Guards saw your car in front of the hospital where you and that man was unconscious so they brought you both here. That man is in ICU under observation, he is unconscious right now and is out of danger.

She said in a calm voice and Riddhima relaxed on hearing that he was not in danger now.

Riddhima: I want to meet him.

She said and looked at her.

Nurse: You can’t as its doctor’s instructions. You were made unconscious twice or you did yourself?

She asked and Riddhima remembered how Ahaan drugged her to make her unconscious.

Riddhima: No actually…

Riddhima tried to lie not knowing what the truth will cause. She heard the door knob opening sound and after a second, found a ward boy entering in.

Man: We found this in your hand while you were unconscious. Is it your phone and this chain?

She saw him showing her Vansh’s phone and her mangalsutra. Touching her neck, she found it to be missing. She snatched them from him and nodded.

Man: Nurse, doctor is calling you.

Nurse nodded while the man left from there.

Nurse: You rest, we’ll inform you when he will regain consciousness.

Riddhima nodded at her and released her breath that she won’t have to tell her the reason.

Riddhima: Nurse…

She called her name and saw her turning

Riddhima: Did that medicine showed any effect on my body?

She asked and saw her shaking her head in no.

Nurse: As you were given 2 doses at a good interval of time. So it didn’t cause any damage to your body parts. Did someone gave you?

Riddhima closed her eyes in frustration of making her remind again. She opened her eyes to look but she didn’t found her anywhere.

Wearing back her mangalsutra, she grabbed the phone and looked at the screen as it was completely damaged now, not even a word was clear through it. She somehow managed to dial Angre but his phone went switched off. So she thought to call Aryan and as she did he picked up her phone immediately.

Aryan: Don’t worry bhai, I’m doing all my work with full concentration.

She heard him saying suddenly without letting her speak.

Riddhima: Aryan…

She said and felt him taking a deep breath.

Aryan: Thank god, it’s you Riddhima or I thought today I was going to get a good scolding from bhai. How are you?

Aryan said and laid back on the bed.

Riddhima: I’m in the hospital.

She told him and he got up and sit back straight.

Aryan: Why so and why are calling me from bhai’s phone? Where is he?

He asked in a tensed voice.

Riddhima: Woah Aryan…

She wanted to tell him but not getting from where she should tell him. She felt better to stay quite.

Aryan: Riddhima, tell wher….

Before Aryan could complete, he felt someone snatched his phone from him. Then Riddhima heard Angre’s voice.

Angre: Bhabhi, where are you? At that time you suddenly disconnected the call? How are you and bhai now?

Riddhima heard Angre saying in a single breath.

Riddhima: Angre, actually Ahaan had made me unconscious twice by giving me drug and at that time I was affected by the second one so I lost my consciousness while driving only but now we are in the hospital. And as the Nurse said Vansh is in ICU and is out of danger now.

Angre released his breath which he was holding.

Angre: Oh sorry bhabhi…I wasn’t knowing. Bhabhi are you sure you are in hospital?

Angre asked making Riddhima confuse on his question.

Riddhima: Obviously Angre, It looks like.

Riddhima said still not getting what he clearly meant by this.

Angre: Sorry Bhabhi, but you’ll have to check around.

She still didn’t get what he meant.

Aryan: Now will you Angre tell me why are they in hospital?

She heard Aryan’s voice but knowing Angre will handle him, she ignored his questions. She carefully got down from the bed and moved to the door, grabbing the phone in one of her hand.

She slowly peeps out to see few ward boys and nurses passing from there. Keeping back the phone on her ear.

Riddhima: Angre, we are in the hospital only.

She said while he just hummed on her.

Angre: Bhabhi, you rest. I’ll pay the bills online from here. Just I need to know the name of the hospital.

She moved to the table and grabbing the note pad where the name was written, she told him the name. After disconnecting the call, she wanted to see Vansh if he is fine or not. Keeping back the phone on the bed. She again peeped out of the room and on seeing none is noticing her she came out.

Moving in the corridor, she started checking room names written on the board. Taking a right turn, she finally saw the ICU room and ran there. Looking in through the glass hole, she saw Vansh lying on the bed while a ward boy was coming out. Moving aside, she hid behind the pillar before he can see her.

As she saw him leaving, she moved in. Entering the area where Vansh was lying on the bed. She saw many drips, tubes attached to his body. Oxygen mask was covering his face. She moves to him and saw his hand, slowly caressing it she held it in her hand. His whole chest was covered with the bandages.

A lone tear escaped from her eyes, seeing him in that condition.

Riddhima: It’s all because of me.

She mumbled to herself and looked at him again.

Riddhima: Vansh….

Before she could say anything further, she saw the door opening and a nurse entered in. She hid under the bed cupping her mouth to stop herself from making any kind of sound. She felt a pain rush through her stomach as she had bend down suddenly.

Nurse after injecting the medicine in his IV drip, moved out from the room. As Riddhima saw her leaving, she came out and looked back at Vansh.

Riddhima: I’ll come to see you in morning.

Saying so she kissed him on his forehead and looked once again at his face with tears filled eyes and then left from there saving herself from letting anyone notice her.


Angre caressed his face in frustration and sat on the chair.

Aryan: Angre this much happened over there and you didn’t bothered to tell anything to us.

He asked in clear annoyance.

Angre: If I have told you, what would you have done?

Angre asked getting up from his chair.

Aryan: That’s not the point Angre, forget about me but mom has the right to know. Don’t you felt that even?

Aryan yelled at him. Angre looked around the cabin.

Angre: Aryan, I didn’t told anyone because Boss didn’t gave me the permission.

Aryan sarcastically smiled at him and then hit his forehead with his hand.

Aryan: That means you would have waited to let some more mishap occur there.

Aryan asked and looked as Angre left from there.

Aryan: Angre….

He shouted at his retreating figure on not getting any proper answer. He sat on the couch keeping his hand on his head cursing himself. He wanted to talk to Riddhima, if she is fine or not but thinking she would be sleeping due to high medications he thought to dismiss his idea. He heard a small sound around the empty room and looking up saw Aadhya in front of the desk.

As she kept his coffee mug on the table and kept some of his files on the table. He got up and moved to his chair.

Aryan: Aadhya, you can take the further day off. I’ll be leaving in few minutes.

He told her sitting on his chair. Bringing her wrist watch in front of her eyes, she frowned at him.

Aadhya: But sir, still more than 3 hours are left.

She told him and he closed his eyes not to shout at her.

Aryan: Aadhya If you wish you can work further but I’ll advice you to leave. Don’t worry we won’t cut your salary.

She wanted to say more but feeling his behavior to be way to awkward, she didn’t felt that it was the right time to say anything more.

Aadhya: Ok sir.

She said and picked up the other files from the table and in rush a file fell from her hand. As she bend to take it, her leg got entangled with a wire and everything turned dark around her.

Aryan: What the hell? Who did this now?

She got up and looked around as nothing was visible at all.

Aryan: Aadhya, are you there?

She heard his concerned and calm voice and nodded as if he can see her.

Aadhya: Yes sir.

She said realizing her mistake and saw a ray of light coming from a corner. She without saying anything followed the light and then she felt someone’s hand on her mouth, cupping it. Chill ran down her spine and she was about to kick when she missed her chance as the person removed his leg from there at the nick time.

She felt as someone pulled her aside and pinned her to the wall.

Aryan: Where were you going?

She heard Aryan’s voice and released her breath as he removed his hold.

Aadhya: Nowhere sir, I saw that light coming from there so was just moving towards it.

She said in a low tone as she felt him just in front of her.

Aryan: I’ll ask someone to look after this.

She nodded again and he left her hand and moved from there. Aadhya saw someone’s figure near the window holding some thin material in her hand. She immediately patted Aryan’s shoulder.

Aadhya: Sir.

She mumbled and he turned back to her.

Aryan: What are you following now?

He asked in frustration as already he was tensed and this darkness was rising his anger more. She held his hand shocking him and then holding his hand she made him look at the figure.

Aadhya: Sir look there.

Her voice held fear and Aryan looked at her. He held her hand and pulled her after him on seeing a figure there. She followed him holding his hand.

Aadhya: Sir, what’s need to go there? We can even leave this room.

She mumbled in front of his ears while peeping at the figure.

Aryan: Shut up Aadhya.

He told her and held her hand more tightly. She followed him and as they came there lights turned on. Aryan removed the curtains but didn’t found anyone there. He looks around the area but there was no sign of anyone. Aadhya moved from there and drank the glass of water wiping her sweat.

Aryan: None is there.

She heard him and then keeping back the glass she picked up her other files.

Aadhya: Sir, I’ll leave now.

He passed her a nod and she left the room. Aryan sat on the chair and grabbed the glass to find it empty.


Next Morning, Vansh slowly opened his eyes and found doctor in front of him. His head was heavy due to high dose of medication he was given.

Doctor: How are you feeling now?

Vansh heard doctor saying and nodded at him.

Doctor: Will keep you under observation for few days. Then you can take the discharge.

Doctor said and passed the notepad to the nurse. Vansh removed his oxygen mask and inhaled the air around the room. Suddenly he remembered of Riddhima.

Vansh: Doctor where is my wife?

He asked in a panicked voice and was about to get up when doctor stopped him.

Doctor: So she is your wife?

He nodded and doctor told something to nurse and she left from there.

Doctor: Our guards found you both in front of the hospital in the car, you were shot that was clear but she was just unconscious due to some drug given to her. I don’t know more about this as some other doctor is handling her case.

Doctor told making Vansh confuse on his words, like if he was shot at that place how come they were in front of hospital and that too in the car.

Vansh: How is she now? I want to meet her.

Doctor after hearing nodded at him.

Doctor: She is conscious and is completely fine. I asked the nurse to call her.

Doctor said making him calm.

Vansh: No need, I’ll go and meet her.

He said and was about to get up. Before doctor could stop him he saw Riddhima entering. Riddhima moved to Vansh and looked at him. Doctor excusing himself left the room.

Vansh: How are you now?

He asked her and she hugged him tightly sitting in front of her making him gasp in pain. She heard him and broke the hug.

Riddhima: Sorry, it all happened because of me.

She said and he held her hand.

Vansh: Nothing happened because of you. Now tell what happened after I felt unconscious.

He asked her and she looked up into his eyes. He cupped her face slowly caressing her cheeks.

Riddhima: As you went unconscious just then Angre dialed you and he asked me to bring you here. Even he was the one to direct me the way and how to drive.

Vansh heard her and shocked that she drive the car.

Vansh: You drove the car, and why? You don’t know how to drive.

Vansh held her hand more tightly asking as she didn’t looked at him he slowly pulled her into a hug not hurting anyone of them.


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