Marrying Nick Jonas Has Made Me Calmer, He’s My Cheerleader

Global icon Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ social media PDA is something all fans look forward to. In a recent interview, the actress opened up on the bond she shares with her husband. Priyanka also gave her take on love and what she had learnt from it and talked about her late father. Talking of her marriage at the Times Literary Fest, she said that one thing that her marriage has taught her is to have a cheerleader.

“The one thing that my marriage has definitely taught me, which I guess I didn’t feel the need to have, which now I can’t live without is, having your, partner give complete credence and credit to the job and the work that I do. It’s so amazing when I see how Nick accommodates his life or my achievements or my career and where I have to go and what my choices are — how it’s so important to him that I went. And that was something I didn’t realize that I needed — a cheerleader.”

She also said that one thing that is more important to her outside her work is her family.

“The one thing that’s most important to me outside of my family is my work. It has stood by me like a rock since I started as 17 years old. And I didn’t realize that I needed my partner to understand the value of how much hard work that I’ve put into building this career on my back. It’s really wonderful to have a partner who appreciates that.”

Priyanka added that Nick has impacted her in a big way as she has become a lot calmer in life.

“If I get pissed off now, I will be a little bit more calm. (laughs) My husband is a bit more calm and he finds solutions. He’s a diplomat, you know? Whereas I’m just like a mirchi you know, if I go off, I go off. Nick is an amazingly talented creative person and we bounce a lot of our work off of each other,” the Barfi actress said.

She further stated that she is grateful to have someone who understands her profession as her parents were both doctors and they used to both check in on each other about their work.

The actress also talked about the life advice ‘Be like water’ her father, late DR Ashok Chopra gave her. “It’s such a beautiful thought, right? I was about five years old and my dad and mom both were in the military. So we used to move every two years. And when I had to leave my best friend or my school, I was really upset and I would start crying and say, ‘I have to move again I don’t want to go’. My dad told me something, which had such a sense of power. He said ‘In the new place that you go to. You’ll have no baggage of what you have right now that this teacher doesn’t like me or this friend is not my friend or whatever. When you go to a new place, you have a clean slate, so you can be whoever you want’.” And then he said, ‘You should be like water’, and I said, ‘What does that mean?’ He said, water can be as powerful as a waterfall. It can cascade down onto stones and make holes in them. That’s how strong water can be. But at the same time, it can be as still as a teacup. It can be anything and everything it wants to be within any vessel that it’s put into.”

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