Love story – Episode 11 (Fight…)

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After college is over everyone is going out while Tina’s eyes searches for kartik who is missing from college..

Tina in mind:where is kartik?i want to ask him why he was so tensed?..

Suddenly Tanvi touches her shoulder and she turns to her and..


Tanvi’s me only. Everyone are going to their home but what are you doing here still?are you searching for kartik sir?..

Tina notices her lips and understands it and tries to hide it..

Tina:no..why will i search for kartik sir?

Tanvi teases: because…i think you have crush for kartik i right?

Tina notices her lips and understands it and makes frowning face..

Tina: no..i respect kartik sir that’s all as he helped me a lot. So please don’t make joke on our relationship.

Tanvi:fine.. but iam sure he is perfect for you. I think you will fall for him one day..

Tina notices her lips and understands it and gets upset..

Tina: please don’t talk about my life hereafter.. because i have no marriage at all in my life. Which person will marry a deaf person like me?

Tina goes away upsetly while Tanvi gets sad..

Tanvi:ohh noo..i made Tina upset. Hope she comes out from that stress..

Tina walks on the road upsetly while someone closes her mouth and kidnaps her..

That person takes Tina to an isolated place and removes his mask and comes in front of tina shocking her..

Tina shockingly:ra..raghav..

Raghav smiles and..

Raghav:yes…i have returned. I have returned especially for you baby.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and gets shocked..

Tina:what the hell? After doing a lot you have returned again?

Raghav caresses Tina’s face forcefully making Tina uncomfortable and..

Raghav:i dint do anything baby.. it’s you who gone in front of the car and got accident and became deaf that day.

Tina pushes his hands away from her and..

Tina: don’t dare to touch me Raghav..

Raghav laughs before Tina and..

Raghav: only i have rights to touch you my babe.

Raghav comes closer to Tina and he goes to kiss her but Tina gets angry and pushes him away..

Tina angrily:you cheap dare you? though you know that iam deaf you are not even showing humanity atleast.

Raghav: because i love you Tina. If i love you then i have rights to kiss you right?i don’t care about your deafness because you can understand it by seeing lip movement.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and gets shocked..

Tina angrily: shut up..i don’t love you at can’t force me to love you understand..

Raghav: don’t lie Tina. Once upon a time we were planning to get married as we loved intensively..did you forgot that soon?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina:yes..but that was once upon a time only and not now. There can be possessiveness in love but not obsessive. Because of your obsessiveness you killed your own mother then who will love such a guy?

Raghav holds Tina’s shoulder and..

Raghav:why don’t you understand Tina?my mother was rejecting our love then what will i do?shall i sit and dance with her?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina:you not only killed your mother but when i was unconscious due to heavy fever you were trying to get intimate…chi..

Tina cries remembering that horrible day..


Tina was sleeping due to heavy fever..

Suddenly Raghav entered her room and locked it and he smirked seeing tina..

Raghav in mind:today i will complete my love. I need you completely..I’m scared that i will lose you so iam going to get intimate so that you will become only mine..

Raghav removes his shirt and he comes closer to her to kiss her but Tina feels something and she opens her eyes and gets shocked seeing Raghav close to her and shouts…


Raghav moves away while Tina gets up scared..

Tina:Raghav.. what’s all this?what were you doing with me?

Raghav:cool down’s common in love that’s why i came to kiss you..

Telling this Raghav again comes closer to Tina which shocks Tina and she pushes him away..

Tina shouts: don’t dare to come near me Raghav. Already i told you that i hate you because you are just obsessive and you don’t respect anyone..that too you killed your own mother to get me…chi.. what a bad human you are.

Raghav comes closer to her and..

Raghav:why don’t you understand me Tina?i killed my mother only for you..but you are not understanding it. Common let’s forget it and start a fresh..

He tries to kiss but Tina pushes him and runs..

Tina:never..i wont even see your face again.

Tina cries and runs while Raghav chases her..

Raghav:no..i wont leave you. You are only mine…

Tina runs out of home crying and she shouts..

Tina cryingly:mumma..mumma..bhai..papa..where are you all?

But nobody responds as they all went out and so Raghav chases her still and tina notices it and gets scared..

Tina in mind:no.. Raghav should not even touch me. I feel him disgusting..

Tina runs on middle of the road and she gets hitted by a car and she falls down shocking Raghav..

Raghav in mind: ohh noo..

He goes near her and sees her ear bleeding more and gets shocked..

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Tina:that day i lost my ability to hear because of you only Raghav..

Raghav:but still you are fine right?then what is the problem?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina:i hate you..i hate you more than devil. Please leave me orelse i will complain to police..

She tries to run from there but Raghav pulls her closer and caresses her face forcibly..

Raghav:you can’t complain to police and you won’t complain to police…

Tina pushes him away and runs from there shouting..

Tina:see..what will happen now.i will make you arrested within two days..

Raghav smiles seeing Tina going..

Raghav in mind:run Tina run…but soon you will run towards me. See how will i stop you from going to police. No one can win me..and tina is only mine. I can go any extent for her..


Kartik reaches home and he angrily shouts..

Kartik shouts:maa..maa..

Suwarna comes there hurriedly..

Suwarna:yes..kartik..why are you shouting like this?

Kartik angrily: where is dad?i want to meet him immediately now.

Suwarna gets worried and caresses his face..

Suwarna worriedly: please don’t show your anger towards your dad kartik. Make him understand politely..he is in my room only.

Kartik:lets see..

Kartik goes away from there angrily while suwarna worries..

Suwarna in mind:hope kartik doesn’t show his anger orelse things will get worse..


In Singhania house akshara comes to upset naksh..

Akshara:naksh beta..

Naksh tries to hide his tears and..

Naksh:yes maa..

Akshara:i know you are trying to hide your pain.. mom it’s not like that.i..i just saw an emotional movie that’s why.

Akshara caresses naksh’s face and..

Akshara: don’t hide anything with me. I know whatever happened with you and goenka’s..

Naksh gets shocked..


Naksh starts to cry while akshara too gets emotional and hugs him and consoles..

Akshara:i know Manishji blamed you wrongly but don’t worry he will understand you soon.

Naksh:it is not even possible..

Akshara:it’s possible naksh. I met suwarna ji and they also support you only and so i made a plan to make Manishji understand.

Naksh gets suprised..

Naksh:do everyone in goenka’s support me?

Akshara:yes.. except Manishji.

Naksh: atleast now iam little relieved.ok..what is your plan mumma to make Manishji understand?

Akshara tells something to naksh and naksh smiles hearing it..

Naksh:you are clever maa..

Akshara:yes iam because iam your mother. Ok..we will discuss this plan with suwarnaji also. discuss with her and i will go out and come.


Naksh goes out while akshara takes her phone to call suwarna..


Kartik goes to Manish’s room and..


Manish turns to him..

Manish: kartik..

Kartik:dad..why are you like this?how can you support aditya more than naksh?

Manish hits his head with his hand and..

Manish: again you came to talk about this matter huh?why don’t you all understand the reality? Will you support someone other than your sister’s fiance?that too i have proof..

Kartik angrily:when keerthi was in hospital you told that naksh was like your family then what happened now?

Manish:when trusts breaks relation also breaks..that’s what happened now.

Kartik gets angry and..

Kartik shouts:that should have happened with aditya and not naksh.

Manish too gets angry and slaps kartik..

Manish: if you dare talk about aditya then i will slap you..mind it. Aditya proved that he is trustworthy person so i believe him completely.

Manish shows the photo to kartik and.. naksh shamelessly standing close with Keerthi. And naksh himself told that he danced with keerthi in the party then what’s more needed to doubt him?

Kartik gets angry and..

Kartik are believing aditya like your son. Even by seeing this photo iam not doubting naksh because i support only good. If naksh was standing close then why that person should have taken photo of them?that person is trying to defame naksh..and i know that is aditya only.

Manish angrily holds kartik’s collar and shouts..

Manish: kaarttiikk..

Kartik pushes away Manish’s hands and..

Kartik:you are getting angry like this right? I will make your anger turn towards aditya soon.. wait and watch. I will prove that crap is a psycho..

Kartik goes away angrily while Manish stares kartik angrily..

Manish in mind: sometimes some children doesn’t understand the right path..that is what kartik is doing by trusting naksh blindly.

Keerthi overhears all this conversation and cries and she runs back to her room and cries..

Keerthi:it’s all happening because of me..if i was careful when tara tricked then this problem wouldn’t have happened. Because of me naksh is in problem..i should solve this problem somehow.

She thinks a lot and suddenly she gets an idea..

Keerthi in mind: i will leave this house. By leaving this house my marriage will stop and also i can prove that naksh is innocent.

Keerthi takes a pen and Paper and writes something and she keeps under her pillow and she takes her belongings and she jumps out from window to run away..


Mishti irritatingly drives the car towards her house..

Mishti in mind:this CEO is really brainless..if he had brain he would have shown anger by shouting atself but he asked useless questions to insult me..

Suddenly she spots sirat lying unconscious in a bench and she sees a guy near her and gets shocked..

Mishti in mind:ohh my godd..why is sirat di unconscious?who is that guy near her? I should go and help her..

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Mishti stops her car and she runs towards sirat and Ranveer and shouts..

Mishti:sirat di…sirat di…

She tries to wake her but she doesn’t so she asks Ranveer..

Ranveer:i saw her hanging on the cliff so i helped her but suddenly she started to blabber something and got fainted and so i have placed her here…

Mishti gets shocked hearing this..

Mishti in mind:why did sirat di came to cliff end?she doesn’t like to come near the cliff ends as she gets affected remembering naira’s death then why did she came?i think she would have got panicked remembering naira that’s why she would have blabbered something…

Mishti:fine.. thank you for your help.i will manage her you can go now.

Ranveer:do you need any help?

Mishti:no thanks..i will manage it.


Ranveer leaves from there but still his heart is affected as he feels bad for his lost love..

Ranveer in mind:i hope she gets fine.. though she hurted me i care for her still. I can’t see her suffering so krishnaji please make her fine.

Ranveer goes from there while Mishti sprinkles water on sirat and sirat opens her eyes slowly and sees Mishti


Mishti holds her hands..

Mishti:yes..iam here. Come lets go home and you take rest for sometime.

Mishti makes sirat stand and she makes sirat walk by supporting her and she takes her to her car and makes her lie down on the back seat and she tries to start the car but it doesn’t get started…

Mishti in mind: what happened to this car suddenly?it was fine till now but suddenly it got loose..

She comes out and checks the car and gets shocked…

Mishti in mind:ohh nooo…tyre is what will i do?

Suddenly sirat screams holding her head..

Sirat head is paining too much. Mishti.. please take me to hospital.

Mishti gets shocked and she goes and consoles sirat..

Mishti: don’t worry di..i will surely take you to hospital now.

Suddenly sirat faints shocking Mishti..

Mishti in mind:ohh noo..i think it’s all because of panic attack.i should somehow Take her to hospital but how?

Suddenly Mishti gets an idea..

Mishti in mind:i should get someone’s help now..

She stands on the road to get someone’s help and abir’s car passes by and he stops seeing Mishti standing on the road..

Abir in mind:what is this girl doing here? I’ll go and check..

Abir gets down and goes to Mishti and Mishti gets shocked seeing him..

Mishti in mind:th.. this irritating man again.. what a bad fate.


Abir: why are you standing on the road?it’s danger.. kindly go to your home.

Mishti:my car is punctured and my sister is lying unconscious inside the car and that’s why iam waiting for cab to go to hospital..

Abir gets shocked..

Abir:then I’ll drop you in hospital.. come and sit in my car.

Muishti turns her face away and..

Mishti:sir..i don’t need anyone’s help..i will myself handle it.

Abir frowns..

Abir:you are not a television heroine to handle the situation yourself. See.. your sister is unconscious and you are not caring about her.if you care about her then you should take her to hospital soon. In that case i thought to help you but you are showing attitude as if you can handle even if the mountain falls on your head..

Mishti gets irritated but controls..

Mishti:fine..i will come with you.

Abir:then go and sit in my car. I will place your sister in back seat..


Mishti goes and sits in the car while Abir lifts sirat from mishti’s car and he makes her lie in his car and he drives while Mishti stares Abir..

Mishti in mind:this man is irritating too much with his talks..if i had seen someone i would have got help from that guy instead of this irritating guy. My bad fate is to face him always i think..

They reach the hospital and Abir places sirat in stretcher and doctor takes her inside ICU while Abir and Mishti waits outside..

Mishti: sir..thanks for your help. Now you can go..

Abir:no..i will wait as i have a duty to leave your both in your house.

Mishti:no..we will go ourselves sir.

Abir:you are very devdas this how you will treat your patients? You have no car then how will you take your Ill sister…by walking huh?if you take her by walk then she will only suffer and not you…so kindly don’t behave like devdas.

Mishti fumes but again she controls..

Mishti:fine..i will come with can wait here sir.

Mishti in mind:i want to break his mouth.. always irritating so much. Why god is making me meet him always i don’t know..hope i get rid of him soon..

Suddenly doctor comes and calls patients relative and Mishti goes inside doctor’s room..

Doctor:she is sirat Singhania right?

Mishti:yes doctor..but how do you know?

Doctor:she is my regular patient that’s why.

Mishti:ohh..ok. how is she now doctor?

Doctor:i already informed her parents not to make her get panic attacks..i advaised them to avoid things which makes sirat getting panic attacks because her nerves should not be strained more. After 12 years..she became fine but again she got panic attack that too very severely.

Mishti gets shocked..

Mishti: doctor.. but is there any severe complications?

Doctor:i cant tell that it is severe but is danger only still. Her nerves are comprissing so… surgery should be done immediately to get the nerves fine.

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Mishti gets shocked and stumbles..

Mishti:is there no other option other than this doctor?

Doctor:iam sorry.. surgery is only option left. If it is not done..  then anything  can happen like paralysis or stroke or some disorders etc..

Mishti gets shocked and gets teary..

Mishti: within how much hours the surgery should be done doctor?

Doctor: within tomorrow..

Mishti starts to cry and..

Mishti:shall we discharge her now doctor?

Doctor: wait for sometime..let her gain conscious first. After gaining conscious you can discharge her and bring her tomorrow for surgery. So kindly wait outside..

Mishti cries and runs out and she cries more while Abir gets shocked seeing her cry..

Abir in mind: what happened to her suddenly?did doctor told something.. let me go and console her.

Abir goes near mishti and..


Mishti looks Abir emotionally and hugs him and cries…

Abir gets shocked on her sudden reaction..


Aly roams here and there very tensed..

Aly:i should save that girl somehow… everything happened because of me only shit.

He bangs his hands on the tree bark angrily..

Aly in mind:why did i mistaken every girls are like sanchi?she is so good..i really hurted her badly. I should apologise her and save her somehow.

Aly thinks some idea and he wears black suit and covers his face with mask and he gets out..

Aly in mind:i will save that girl by kidnapping..

He takes some smoke cylinder and he goes to Samar’s police station and he hides behind a wall..

Aly in mind:i will spray this smoke everywhere so that no one can see me..

Aly slowly peeps inside station and he sprays the smoke everywhere shocking samar and his constables..

Samar shouts:hey idiot constables..what is all this?i couldn’t see did this smoke come suddenly? Go and check fast..

Constable ramesh: yes sir..

Ramesh tries to go but he suddenly hits another constables and falls down..

Ramesh:what the hell dayan? Can’t you walk by opening your eyes?

Other constable:iam not dayan mister. Iam Rajashekar..i couldn’t see anything that’s why i was walking like that. First you check your eyes before telling others..

Ramesh:shut up rajashekhar..even i couldn’t see anything because of this smoke.

Samar gets angry on hearing their silly fight..

Samar shouts:you both useless nuts.. can’t you keep quiet?jjust do what i said now orelse i will fire you both from this job.

Rajashekar and ramesh gets scared and..

Raja and ramesh:ok sir..

Aly slowly enters and no one sees him as it is fully white and Aly reaches twinkle’s cell and sees her crying  and gets sad..

Aly in mind:iam really are in this state because of me only. I will surely make everything fine now.

He opens the jail lock with safety pin and enters twinkle’s cell and he closes twinkle’s mouth shocking her..

He lifts her and takes her away from police station and reaches a nearby park and makes her stand..

Twinkle angrily:hey..who the hell are you?

Aly removes his mask and Twinkle gets shocked seeing him and she gets emotional and hugs him shocking Aly..

Twinkle:did you do this work to save me?


Twinkle smiles palely seeing Aly and..

Aly:iam very sorry for my bad behaviour.. please forgive me.

Aly cries before twinkle while twinkle holds his hands seeing his cry..

Twinkle:i don’t think bad about you..i forgave you now. Please don’t cry like this..

Aly: please go from here soon.

Twinkle gets shocked..


Aly:if you really forgave me then go from here soon before police reach here. I will handle them and you go and live freely..

Twinkle gets sad..

Twinkle:i..i cant see you getting into trouble.

Aly:if i get into problem then no one worries for me as iam an orphan but if you get into problem then your family will be shattered…so please leave atleast for your family’s sake.

Twinkle gets heartbroken hearing him as orphan..


Aly:no.. go from here orelse i will myself surrender to police.

Twinkle without any option she goes and she sees aly from far and gets teary..

Twinkle in mind: Krishnaji..please save this guy. Though he troubled me a he have changed so please help him.i don’t know why..but i really feel bad seeing his condition. So please help him krishnaji..

Twinkle goes away..

precap: Raghav troubles Tina. Kartik misses Tina badly. Twinkle feels uncomfortable with Niel. Sirat fools Ranveer. Mishti gets insulted.

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