Lamp of Love Episode-21: Bondita and Anirudh gets to know the truth.

Hey Fam, that was really wonderful fun session with you all, will bring more session in upcoming episode. Now the characters you guys allotted was really good, now I have allotted two people for one character. I will tell celebrities I have locked. I am leaving this to you, the maximum votes getting celebrity will be finalized. Aditi Sanwal (known for her role as Kuki Bajaj in KZK2) or Eisha Singh (known for her role as Dhanni in ishq ka rang safad) as Vibha. Manoj Chandila (known for his role as Dr. Manoj Paul in YHM) or Aadvik Mahajan (known for his role as Sohum in Bani ishq da kalma) as Vinay Basu. Mishkat Varma (known for his role as Kabir in Nisha aur uske cousins) or Paras Arora (known for his role as Vivaan in Udaan) as Kabir Dalal. Please chose one from the choice and comment below. Guys I have allotted according to age of the characters, so I casted actors in mid of 30s for Mr. Basu role.

The episode starts with Thakumaa and Ksj going to Krishnanagar to invite Tupur and other family members for Holi. Chandrachur sees them and asks them to come inside, Tupur gets happy seeing them and gets their blessing. KSj lifts Parth and plays with him. Tupur asks them to have lunch, Thakumaa gets up and holds her hand, and Tupur sense her thought, she takes her from there. Thakumaa keeps her hand in her head and asks if she is fine now and apologies to her for not visiting her during tough phase. Tupur says, Thakumaa I am absolutely fine and your Jamai babu took utmost care, but yes I felt bad that I couldn’t come there and nobody came here then Daadhu came here after that I got completely relieved. Thakumaa smiles, Ksj calls her. Thakumaa and KSj invites them both to Holi celebration, Tupur and Chandrachur gets excited and assures that they will be on time.

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Sampoorna and Tapur prepare gifts and discuss about their plan, Tapur says, di if this gets success then we will witness dada and Bondita di marriage soon and laughs. Som comes there and tells them not to get excited as whenever they get excited plan gets spoiled, Tapur stares at him. Som asks her not to stare at him, they starts to argue, Sampoorna closes her ears and asks them to stop arguing and start concentrating.

Bondita looks shocked seeing Vibha and gets feared if she might listened to what they spoke. Vibha keeps the tray down and smiles and says that there is no toughness for Bondita di and she can blow the toughness just like dust and asks is he right to Anirudh, he nods with forced smile and looks at Bondita. Bondita gets relieved, she asks Vibha to sit near them and asks is everything fine here and comfortable for her. Vibha nods fast just like a kid, Anirudh thinks Duggamaa why did you made her life this merciless and colorless in this young age, does she deserve this and thinks she will get justice soon to all her suffering and wipes his tears before they both notice.

Kabir stares at sky and thinks about Vibha, he gets flash on his first encounter and recalls what Vibha has gone through, he walks towards kitchen and see her preparing food, he thinks first I fell in love just by seeing you but I knew that was attraction love but now more than your beauty I fell for your soul after knowing how strong you are the woman I always dreamt of to be my partner. Vibha notices him standing and goes near him and asks if he need anything, but he keeps staying still. Vibha claps her hand and brings him to sense, Kabir gets panic seeing her and leaves from there without telling anything.

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Bondita says, Sakha babu there is something mystery in this if I can’t know that I will really feel restless. Anirudh asks we will get answer from a person and they both take a name at same time saying, Somnath. Bihari goes to Sampoorna room and sees Tapur and Som arranging gifts for guests and calls Som saying that Anirudh called him. Som thinks why dada is calling me in this hour? And leaves from there. Anirudh asks him to come inside, he sits near him and looks at them and asks why they called him. Bondita asks him to tell what happened that day and is Vibha fine, she is very casual doesn’t she know about baby condition. Som looks confused and asks them why they both are asking so much question. Anirudh asks him to tell what happened that day completely without leaving anything. Som says okay I will tell.


Som checks Vibha and asks doctor’s to give her injection shot. Chandrachur waits outside, Som comes there and tells Vibha is safe, Chandrachur thanks him and tells that they were really worried if they don’t able to save Vibha at least, Som asks At least means? Chandrachur tells that they tried to poison her and kill baby. Som says, yes Jamai babu they poisoned her, but baby is also safe, Chandrachur gets surprisingly stunned and asks what? Som tells yes and smiles, Chandrachur asks but how? Som tells him that Vibha didn’t swallowed the poison instead the poison was only up to her throat she didn’t allowed it further so we cleared it and now she and baby both are absolutely fine as they bought here on time, if not baby and Vibha’s life would have been in danger.

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Bondita gets stunned and cries in happiness and hold Som hands and asks him why he didn’t informed her earlier, he tells that he tried to speak but she was really down and I was not able to speak to you. Bondita sits down in floor, Anirudh goes near her, and she tells him that they saved Vibha and they both get emotional. Bondita gets up and wipes her tears and tells that now we have to keep Vibha more careful then before and make sure her sasural or Mr. Basu knows about her pregnancy. Don’t worry hereafter no one can touch her, if they dare to touch her then they have to first face me, Anirudh and Bondita turns and sees Kabir standing there.

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