Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Dev unveils his plan to Sonakshi

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Dev is in his office, thinking till when Sonakshi forgives him, his pain would not be reduced he wonders how will seek the apology, he decides to write down as it might help however after trying, he throws the paper thinking it would not work, Dev sees something.
Alena asks Sonakshi to not think so much as she needs to relax, she explains that men are different and they don’t know how to react to such things, she knows Dev bhai is understanding and would surely try to understand her feelings, she knows Dev really loves her this is why their relation is still working so she must not be worried.

Dev apologizes mentioning that he was not thinking, Sanjana mentions that it is not anything for worry, he mentions it was because he was really tensed, Sanjana replies then it is the opportune day for him because she has the solution, she presents him the gift for helping her however he mentions it is his duty but she forces him to take it, she talks of how beautiful the weather is mentioning she feels that life might have thought something better for the both of them, Dev gets tensed when Sanjana replies that she wants to plan new designs with him, build new homes to make the lives of people easy, she knows it would be an amazing journey, she mentions her dream of capturing the first step as a memory, she requests for a selfie to which he agrees.

Sanjana explains she feels he is tensed, Dev explains she said if he accepted the gift then she would be happy, so usually the person who is receiving the gift would be happy, he questions why are women so worried as it is more important for them to know what she is hiding as why is it so tensed, Sanjana says it is a big secret and as women they are more worried about memory and emotions and do not work on logic, for women an old rose is more important then the diamond necklace, so for women they want to be with such a man whom they cannot let go off and if they are not able to be with them then capture such a moment as memory which they can see everything they are worried or feel like being with them, Dev starts smiling so then leaves thanking her.

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Alena asks Sonakshi to not be worried as she is always there for her if she needs her help, Sonakshi receives a call from Vicky, she replies that Alena has just left when he mentions he needs to talk with her because Dev has gotten in an accident, he is sending her the location so she should come.

Sonakshi rushes to the location calling out to both Dev and Vicky, where she sees him standing on the bonnet of his car, she questions what sort of a prank is this because she got really worried, she is about to leave when he stops her mentioning this was the only way he knew how to call her asking if she knows what her first impression was of him, she thought he was a frustrated man, he explains that he knew how to distinguish between colours but did not understand then she came into his life filling it with colours, he changed a bit but must change some more, it is very difficult for him to share his feelings but when he sees her caring for others and speaking her heart out, he also wants to be like her who can share his feeling, does she remember how he said that she made him to be a better person, he indeed become a better person but there are some steps as he has learnt to apologize but has now learned that sometimes it is more important to show then to speak.

Dev closes her eyes taking her to a board, he unveils the name of Asha primary school under the name of Sonakshi’s mother, she is not able to believe her eyes so goes to the board, she touches it so turning to Dev, he explains that he said he needed to change, because if this was not the case then he would have been able to speak what Asha maa meant to her, because looking back he feels that if he was present, he would have been able to handle the situations and nothing would have been the same, she would have instructed him on a lot of different matters, if he was able to change one thing it would be that time so if he can change something that will change their memory, then this way she would not only be able to live in their memories but that of a lot of children, she adjusted with his mother and took care of her better then him but he was not able to adjust because he is a stubborn man, she replies he adjusted perfectly and has shook her entire world, she with a lot of passion hugs her husband, Dev exclaims he loves her, she mentions it is such a wonderful thought how did he got it, Dev replies that it doesnot matter, he asks if she genuinely loved it, she agrees so he also comes to hug her.

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Baldev eating the samosa praises Radha, Sonakshi brings the favourite dish for Bijoy, he replies that today they have to make someone else eat so gives it to Dev who thanks her but Bijoy replies they need to thank him because he has not just did it for Sonakshi but them all because this way Asha would be able to live in their hearts, Dev replies he wanted to tell them that he also misses Asha maa.

Sonakshi replies that she forgot to tell them that Vicky called her to inform Dev got in an accident and when she called to scold him, he explained it was because Dev instructed him, but then she realized he lied for such a big surprise which impressed her a lot, they both start smiling when Radha asks if Ishwari saw that it is because of her pendant but Baldev mentions it might also be because of the clinic. Ishwari gets sad seeing the photo of Dev and Sonakshi by the board which Dev realize.

Ishwari is sitting when Radha comes saying she is seeing for the first time when a son in law is becoming more of her in laws, why does she not make Dev realizes, she feels if Sonakshi has made him think like this because since now dev has made everything on her name, she has never seen it and that too a big school. Ishwari replies to Dev also thinks before doing something, he has some responsibilities towards Sonakshi as she got hurt because she feels Dev should have been when her mother died, they are now going to the doctor so Dev is trying to make her realize that what he feels towards his own mother, he felt the same for her mother as well.
Radha replies that tradition says that people call their son in law to their house to serve them but not take advantage of them, since when do people call their daughters back to their home, Ishwari explains it was the teaching of their family was has been passed down from generations, she also instructed her daughters saying that now her family is her husbands and if her mother interferes in her household matters then it would ruin a lot of things, Radha explains what would happen if in future Sonakshi removes her name from Ishwari industries, Ishwari replies she would never do such a thing, Radha brings Anita asking her to tell Ishwari how many percent of daughter in law’s treat their mother in law with the same respect, Ishwari doesnot want to accept it when Radha leaves.

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Ishwari is walking when Dev comes asking if she feels he has done the right thing, Ishwari explains he is doing a really great act and because of his work a lot of children would get to live a happy life so he must move forward in the same direction, she leaves while he is still tensed.

Precap: Dev while enjoying with his family, mentions that their children are his stars and they never get affected by any bad omen, he suddenly gets a call from Sanjana asking what has happened, she reveals there has been a problem.

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