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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 6th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha insists on getting Kashi and Baji married - India A2Z

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 6th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha insists on getting Kashi and Baji married

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Balaji hits the goon. He says tell me who asked you to do all this. Radha looks at him. Balaji says I will keep hitting you until you tell me the name who asked you to attack or till you die. Radha says let’s go. He will tell soon. He leaves. Radha says I know you are in pain. Your sacrifice won’t go in vain. I will get you released soon but if anything happens to you, I will tkae care of your family. He says before I break, please get me out of here. Radha says pray that Baji and Kashi’s wedding is planned soon. I will get you released.

Scene 2
Kashi comes home. They meet her brother. Krishna says it was so much fun. Baji told me how to use sword. Kashi says that’s why you were always on his side. Bhavani says hasn’t the eldest brother created enough problems with the sword.

Balaji says to Radha I was an ordinary man and you made me a leader. This gift is for you. She says is this it my husband giving or the army leader? He says both are yours. Radha says in heart the insult Bhavani and Shuibai have given will be will only calm down when I get Kashi. My DIL. She’s the only gift I want. Kashi shows the peacock feather to Ganga. She says Radha gave it to me, she said I am very pretty. I liked Sasward. Ganga says are you friends with Baji now? Kashi says do you have to talk about him? I don’t like him. Shuibai says no one will take Baji’s name in this house. Kashi says yes.

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Scene 3
Balaji does pooja. Radha returns his gifts. Balaji says what does this mean? She says I want something else. He says what? She says promise me you will get it to me. Balaji says what? Bhavani says to Mahadji you should talk to your friends about Kashi’s wedding. Shuibai says yes, of people of our class. Bhavani gives him yogurt. Kashi asks what is he going for? Bhavani says a mission. Kashi says what mission? Balaji asks Radha what do you want? She says Kashi. As my DIL. Bhavani says when he comes with the good news he will tell you. Balaji says are you crazy? Radha says she is a good luck for Baji. She is a blessing. Her steps make everything better. She will make Maratha empire stronger. Balaji says she’s my friend’s daughter. I really like her too. I would love her coming here but she’s a wealthy man’s daughter. Will be able to give her everything that her father gives her? How can I be selfish? Radha says for the regime we have to be selfish. He says no. Radha says if this relation can make the friendship and regime stronger, why not?

Radha tells Balaji she asked about Bhavani and Shuibai about Kashi and Baji’s wedding. He says you shouldn’t have done that. You didn’t even as me. What did they say? Radha says they said no. He says if they already said no how can I go now? Radha says because Kashi is the right girl for Baji. Balaji says if they’ve already said no I can’t go to them again. Mai comes to Radha. Radha says send a man to goon I want to meet him right now.

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Scene 4
Kashi thinks about Baji. She can’t sleep. She says why do you make me angry. I don’t want to recall him. I want to sleep. Baji sits at the lake and imagines Kashi feeding the horse there. he fights with her. Baji realizes it his dream.

Pam Purandary comes to meet Balaji and Radha. He congratulates Balaji. Radha says if yiou were he would have become the minister. Shahu Maharaj listens to you. He says why was I invited you here? Radha says we need you. I want to get my son Baji married to Kashibai. Balaji is shocked.

Radha asks Kashi what are you thinking? She says Baji isn’t letting me sleep. No one can live around him. He can only live with a sword. I won’t ever meet him again. Purandary says you are right. This relationship will be the best for this regime. Kashi says Baji is a prick. no one should talk about him. Purandary says we have to make this regime strong. Balaji says but they already said no. Purandary says Kashi is the need of this regime. Kashi says I have prayed that I don’t ever think about Baji again. I will write his name on the paper and dissolve it in the water. She dissolves him and says I will sleep again. He will never come back to my mind of live. Purandary says this is important.

Episode ends

Precap-Radha says God knows what Bhavani and Shuibai will do after listening about the proposal. Mai comes to Mahad and says Radha wants to get Kashi and Baji married. They’re shocked. Kashi is shocked too.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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