Kareena Kapoor Khan Reveals Why She Wrote About Low Sex Drive During Pregnancy in Her Book

Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor Khan added a new feather to her hat when she turned author with her book, ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Boble.’ As the name suggests, the book chronicles her pregnancies with sons Taimur and Jehangir Ali Khan. In the book Kareena wrote about a lot of things, including maternity fashion, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, her cravings, her favourite shows to watch during her pregnancy among others. One of the most about topics in her book was the low sex drive women feel during their pregnancy. Kareena wrote about how she and her husband, actor Saif Ali Khan dealt with the changes in her sex-drive during pregnancy.

Now, in a recent interview Kareeena was asked why she wrote about this topic. Talking to Guardian, Kareena revealed, “Nobody wants to talk about belching and swollen feet and not feeling sexy enough, or hair loss, or getting such bad mood swings you don’t even feel like talking. That’s why we talk about sex in the book. Most women in India get scared to address this issue. But these are things that we should be talking about.”

During the launch of her book, Kareena had held an Instagram Live session with filmmaker Karan Johar. KJo had asked the actress about her low sex-drive and Saif’s reaction to that. She had said, “When you are pregnant, people don’t realise the kind of moods, emotions, feelings, what you actually feel about yourself. That’s so important. Some days, I would feel super amazing and sexy, and feel ‘oh my God, I am looking so hot with this belly’ and I feel amazing, and I would tell Saif that or he would say, ‘You are looking beautiful.’

“But there were times post six-seven months where I felt like I was exhausted and I couldn’t get myself to get up sometimes in the morning. But sometimes, it’s just a feeling of repulsion. You are just in a mental state when you don’t know what to think. It’s so important to have a supportive man and most men should not put pressure on their wives to a) look beautiful while they are pregnant and b) feel they are any less. That pressure shouldn’t be there or like ‘this is it, our regular sex life has to be super-active.'”

Kareena gave birth to her second son Jeh Ali Khan on February 21, 2021. She and Saif Ali Khan had welcomed their elder son Taimur in 2016. On the work front, the actress will be seen on the big screen in Aamir Khan-led Laal Singh Chaddha.

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