Kaira Destined To be Together Forever Episode 16

Hello all here is next episode, hope you like it. As per suggestions Shaheer Sheikh will play the role of Vishal Kapoor and his pair will be Tejasswi Prakash in a character which will be shown soon. Its a parallel track only Kaira are always the main lead here.

Episode 16

Vishal, Kartik and Naira reach the hospital. Vishal is taken in for the donation while others wait outside. Kartik’s mobile rings. Its the police officer 

Kartik: Sir?

Police: Kartik sir we need mam’s help to identify the killer from the database

Kartik: But sir..now she is

Naira sees him on phone and comes to him

Naira: Kartik what’s up?

Kartik: Naira ..(he cups the mobile speaker with his hand) police officers need you to identify the killer

Naira: Ill do it then..come..

Kartik: Sir…Ill connect you on a conference meet in my laptop and we can share the screen so that its easy

Kaira walk to the resting room and seat before the laptop. The screen is loaded and the Kartik scrolls the file down. Naira watches it keenly. Few scrolls later

Naira: Kartik..stop..stop…go up

Kartik scrolls up and Naira: Stop…he…he….

She points at a photo and Kartik is shocked 

Kartik: Are you sure Naira?

Naira nods her head

Naira: I can still remember every expression on his face Kartik

Kartik: So..its…its..Akshat who killed her

Police officer: Whats your opinion as a professor on him sir?

Kartik: I have myself suspended him from college for cheating in exams continuously and annoying me in classes. He is still under suspension only

Police officer: Then its him..sir we need to enquire his class mates and the girl’s class mates. 

Kartik: Go on sir

Police: Thank you so much mam and sir. Sorry for disturbing you. Mam we may need your witness later too

Naira: Anytime sir

The call disconnects. 

Naira: Kartik

Kartik: Hmmm

Naira: Kartik…..

She shakes him

Naira: Where are you lost

Kartik: No..nowhere

Naira: Jhoot

Kartik: Woh Naira…Im just thinking about Akshat. I never thought he will go to this extent

Naira: Sorry Kartik

Kartik: Why are you asking sorry? Whats your mistake in it?

Naira: I gave witness and ….

Kartik hugs her

Kartik: Im proud for that. Our kids will be brave like their mom and will speak for justice and this is their first lesson in womb

Just then nurse comes to them

Nurse: Sir surgery over. Its a success. Patient will recover from sedation in a few hours

Naira and Kartik rush to Naksh and Naitik who have been shifted to the room

Naira: Papa…surgery is a success muma will recover soon

Naitik gets up to go. Naksh stops him

Naksh: Later papa…now they wont allow us anyway

Kartik senses that the father and kids need some alone time

Kartik: Ill inform others and come 

He walks out with his mobile

Naira: Papa..we will see muma later…

Naksh Naira and Naitik hug to share their happiness.

Meanwhile outside 

Kartik informs Keerthi and walks to the Krishna ji idol. He folds his hands infront of the deity 

Kartik: Thank you Krishnaji…years ago I asked you to return my mom but you didn’t do it but you have fulfilled that wish for my Naira. Ab aage kaa bhi dyan rakhlijiye. I don’t want anything or anyone to hurt my Naira

He wipes his tears and feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns to see Vishal 

Kartik: Dr.Kapoor?

Vishal: Vishal is fine…happy for the success of the surgery 

Kartik: Thanks to you

Vishal: I have vowed to do everything possible to save a life. Its my pleasure 

Kartik hugs him

Vishal: Ill take your leave.

Vishal leaves and scene freezes 

Hours later

Everyone is gathered around Akshara. Naitik is sitting holding her hand in his. 

Naksh senses tension and plans something 

Naksh: So Naira..what will be muma’s first word

Naira: Naira of course…

Naksh: No way..you are papa’s princess and Im muma’s …

Naira: Duggu

Naksh: Haan so she will call me first 

Naira: No she loves me more she will call me first

Naksh: No me

Naira : No me

Keerthi to Kartik: These two are impossible 

Rajshri: Ye dono toh bache hai 

Dadi: Naira is going to become mom yet she is a child for Akshara right so this childish fight is nothing wrong

Naitik who was sitting pale Suddenly turns happy as He feels slight movement in Akshara’s hand

Naitik: Akshara….akshara…..

Akshara slowly opens her eyes

She looks around and her eyes recognise her Naitik…the man whom she fell in love with, the man who was her better half, the man who walked with her in all walks of life

Akshara: Naitik….

Naksh and Naira who were fighting among themselves realise that Naitik won the race and feel happy for it. Naira hugs Naksh.

Naitik is overjoyed to hear his name from his Akshara. He was living all this time..just for the sake of living but now his life got its meaning back..it got its Akshara back. 

Naira and Naksh rush to Akshara seeing whom she smiles

Akshara: Duggu….Naira

Naksh: Dekha..she called me first

Naira punches Naksh and they both hug Akshara.

Naitik starts to cry. Kartik holds him

Kartik: Papa…papa…aaram se

Akshara turns to Kartik and she recognises him too . All the past memories flush into her. She recollects hanging from the height and her eyes well up. The tears wet Naira who looks up at her

Naira: Muma…muma…

Akshara: Naira..woh…height…..I was hanging….

Naira remembers that traumatic day and she too gets emotional. 

Akshara: Kartik…..I saw his Car running into the hills while hanging. He was going in other side but heard my cries and tried to come to me but his car lost control and collided on my car and it ran into the hill

Naira and others including Kartik now get to know what happened that night. Kartik is surprised too as he remembered nothing in nasha.

Naira: Kartik….kartik tried to save you…but…but….

Kartik’s pleads ring in her ears…the sight if him in jail and him apologising for the thing he never did traumatise her as she now knows the truth. She cries out loud

Kartik walks to Naira , she hugs him and cries

Kartik: Naira bas…bas….chup hojao

Naira: Kartik..that night…..you….did…..you tried to help muma..you wanted to help her…..woh…..I punished you for 

Kartik: Naira bas…its all over now…ab please chup hojao

Dadi: Haan Naira, anth bhala toh sab bhala…

Akshara just now sees others around her, she is confused 

Akshara: Naitik…naitik….how long has it been…

Naitik: More than a year Akshara

Akshara is shocked 

Akshara: What?

Naitik explains everything to her including Kaira marriage Keesh marriage and now Naira’s pregnancy. Akshara is surprised as well upset

Akshara: How unlucky was I to miss my kids wedding. Duggu..where is your wife?

Naksh takes Keerthi to her. Akshara caresses her face as Keerthi gets near her

Akshara: Sorry beta…sorry duggu

Naksh who was controlling everything Suddenly bursts hugging Akshara

Naksh: Muma….muma…those days were terrible I was getting married..Papa wasn’t there..you weren’t there…I was fighting with bhagwan as he snatched you….like he snatched dadi

Akshara: Duggu…Duggu..please dont cry

She wipes his tears . Her eyes now fall on a crying Naira as she remembers Naitik mentioning her pregnancy. Akshara extends her hand to Naira. She runs to hold it. Kartik follows her

Akshara: Naira…I missed your wedding too..and now you are pregnant..Im becoming a nani

Naira: Muma ab aap aagayi na..Ill compensate for everything now but you know I missed you like hell on every occasion especially after knowing my pregnancy 

Kartik: Haan mam we all missed you

Akshara stares at him

Akshara: What mam? Married my daughter in my absence without my approval 

Kartik holds his ear

Kartik: Sorry mam but….but….you gave your approval to our love..so only

Akshara: But this isn’t right..marrying my daughter and calling me mam..call me maa

Kartik: Sorry ma…maaa …sorry maa galti hogayi….Ill not repeat it

Rajshri who was silent this long comes to Akshara. He eyes are wet with tears

Rajshri: If what Kartik did isnt right then what you are doing isnt right too…behaving as a mom soon after opening your eyes…did you think of your mom

She breaks down hugging Akshara. 

There is happiness everywhere. The scene freezes 

Precap: Akshat meets Vedika? Happy family and Naira’s romantic apology. 

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