Jo tera hoyega jaroor aayega (Chapter 1)

Part one – Aye ho meri zindagi tum bahar banke

I’m pissed that the cvs are trying to make fatejo end game. Even the virks don’t deserve her, they want her to reconcile with that cheater. What is this whole thing about fateh seeing Jasmine’s truth?, Did not he see her truth when she left him alone in the marriage hall or when she kept pursuing him inspite of the fact he was married to her own sister. That two cheaters can die in hell, I’m writing this because I’m pissed. Tejo should simply leave everything and move somewhere else for herself, she should move on for herself and that’s what she is going to do in this ff. This ff is inspired by anupama’s recent track, I love the recent track of that show where Anupama has got a good ml who would value her, even the show’s trp has increased. Udaariyaan makers should take notes and introduce new handsome ml for tejo and see how good trp will increase

The atmosphere in the virk house was far from peaceful. Tejo’s absence only increased the tension in the house. Their ex daughter in law still lived with them because of khushbeer requesting her but tonight she had disappeared telling she had an reunion party of her college to attend leaving them to deal with Jasmine alone. Jasmine sat with her now husband and ate the food which was made by Gurpreet happily. Fateh ate his food silently but his gaze was fixed on the door hoping for tejo to come back from the reunion party as soon as possible.

” Tejo ke bina hai ghar kitna shaath laga raha hai na! Kash har din aise hai hota” Jasmine voiced out but everyone choose to ignore her bitter words.

” Jasmine chup ho ja” Fateh chides his wife sensing his family’s displeasure from her statement. Jasmine instead of keeping quiet kept on arguing what wrong she has said. Fateh sighs but doesn’t argue back realizing jasmine would fight still she proves herself right and honestly he was not in a mood to fight tonight. He still looks at the door longingly. Mahi and amrik scowls at their brother’s actions but doesn’t say anything.

Elsewhere, Tejo arrived at the venue of her reunion party looking lost and disinterested. She had wanted to skip this but she rather be here than at the virk house where she had to tolerate that two disgusting people. At beginning tejo willingly stayed in the virk house to see Jasmine and fateh’s fights but now she had enough, she wanted to move away but the virk family keeps pleading her to stay and she could not bring herself to say no to their pleading out of her own goodness. Tejo sighed and scanned faces desparately looking for her any familiar face.

” Tejo ! is that you?” tejo hearing her name turned around to look at a familiar woman and she smiled as she finally recognized the woman.

” Riya!” She called and hugged the woman who once was her best friend.

” Weren’t you in London?” Tejo asks

” Yeah but I recently shifted to punjab with my husband” Riya reveals

” Wow that’s a good thing!” Tejo exclaimes happily. She wanted to speak more when suddenly the light fades out and it is dark.

“The light has to go now only” Tejo hissed irrirated.

Riya laughs, ” They have turned off the light deliberately”

” But why?!”

” Maybe because he is entering” Riya says trying to give tejo a hint.

” Who is entering?!” Tejo asks curious now.

” The one who has organized this reunion party” Riya says ” our college’s heartthrob” before riya completed her sentence

” The Aaryan kapoor” someone shouted from the crowd in excitement. The spotlight falls on tall handsome man with devilishly handsome face, his jawline was near to perfect and his black eyes were gorgeous. He was wearing red suit which only increased his handsomeness, girls were openly drooling over him and cheering his name loudly. He smiled at the crowd waving his hands at them, and wrapped his hands around the mic which was already present here and sang which only increased the craziness of the crowd and his name shouts only increased.

” Look tejo do you remember him?” Riya asks her, tejo tries very hard to remember the guy who has managed to turn the crowd crazy with his performance but she could not. She shakes her head.

” Uff! How can you not remember him?, The guy who proposed you in front of the whole college” stated Riya, Tejo widenes her eyes hearing it and stares back at the guy who was still singing but his eyes were staring back at her, a slow smirk curled on corner of his mouth as he meets her eyes. Tejo averted her eyes and looked around everything except him. She started fidgeting nervously with her dupatta out of nervousness.

” I have to leave Riya!” She says quickly.

“But tejo wait for sometime”

Tejo shakes her head stubbornly, ” No Riya I have to leave!” But before she could tell anymore words, her breathing quickened when she saw him approaching in her direction. She did not realize when the performance ended and when he had come here.

” Hi Tejo!” Aaryan greeted her with his charming smile. Tejo was stunned and doesn’t respond still Riya nudged her elbow.

” Hi …. ” Tejo breathes out quickly and looks here and there uncomfortably.

” Can I have dance with you?” Aaryan asks as he extends his hand to her.

” Just one dance!” He repeats seeing her hesitation.

” I can’t… I’m sorry but ” Tejo begins with a low voice before riya cuts her off firmly, ” off course she will dance with you”

Tejo wanted to refuse firmly but riya kept institing way too much without listening to her refusal and Aaryan was looking at her hopefully still stretching his hand to her. She sighs and keeps her hand on his hand finally after debating with herself and consoling herself that it was only one dance and nothing else. The whole class stares as Aaryan brings tejo to the dance floor for a couple dance, here was few whispers of how Aaryan has still not gotten over his first love, how tejo still rules his heart which is why he is still unmarried. Tejo placed her one hand on his shoulders as Aaryan wrapped his hand on her waist, his other hand joining hers, they slowly swayed to the music.

” Thanks for this dance” Aaryan whispers to her slowly while he spun her around. Tejo nods at him curtly without uttering a word and continues to dance with him wishing the dance could get over soon as possible.

Precap :

” I have decided to get married again with a guy of my own choice” Tejo announced leaving both the sandhu family and virk family stunned. Fateh shakes his head in disbelief and keeps looking at her as if it is a horrible nightmare and he would wake up soon. Even jasmine looked unhappy for some reason.

Tejo smirks inwardly seeing everyone’s reaction and remembers Riya’s words

” The best revenge you could take from everyone who has taken advantage of your selflessness and your kindness is to move on with a better guy than your ex husband can ever be. Let everyone burn in jealousy and envy seeing you happy with someone else”

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