Jimin Changes Position With J-Hope, Suga Teases V for Working Out

The latest Bangtan Bomb released by BTS features some behind-the-scenes moments from the septet’s hit track Butter. For the uninitiated, Bangtan Bomb are short videos of the South Korean group released on their official YouTube channel. The laughter-inducing clip involves Suga teasing V for working out on the sets, the other members praising him for his physique and revealing how they put the ARMY formation together.

The members consisting of RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, V and Jungkook were trying to spell out the word ARMY and during the break, V was seen working out. To which Suga jokingly said, “V is going to be like ‘I can’t lift my arms’.” Others were however impressed with V. Jimin said, “Wow, your arms look really muscular. They look like jumbo drumsticks.”

The ARMY formation saw Jin and Jungkook form ‘A’ while Suga formed ‘R’ and J-Hope, V formed ‘M’. Jimin formed the ‘Y’. However, Jimin was initially asked to form the M. He revealed that J-Hope was wearing a sleeveless outfit so he offered to switch positions with him as he felt J-Hope might feel uncomfortable posing in a sleeveless outfit.

Watch the video here:

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Meanwhile, the septet recently released a new single My Universe with the English band Coldplay. The official music video was released a couple of days back and its visuals see them dancing with aliens in a dystopian world. The song also shows the importance of staying connected, as it ends with BTS and Coldplay performing in two different locations, implying that no matter what comes between them, music will always connect them.

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