Have You Ever Loved Me? (A Riansh Fanfiction) Ep.9

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Recap – Vansh reaches to Ridhima’s house and had dinner with her father and herself.

Episode starts here…

(So guys I thought that there should be a very short leap of around 3-4 weeks to make story a bit forward and interesting too)

There was a big meeting at Suyash’s office and there were owners and co-owners too of the respective companies discussing about a big project. Vansh was also present there and  There was a presentation going on.

One of the associate said….(A for associate)

A- “That means we have to destroy this orphanage”

Ridhima – “Then what about those children who live in that orphanage?” she asked worriedly

Vansh – “Relax Ms.Ridhima we’ll shift them to some other orphanage near the outskirts of city” he said in a relaxing tone

Ridhima – “Are you mad? If they’ll shift to the outskirts of the city then it would be difficult for them to live there as there is a big jungle near it and it’s unsafe for them”

Vansh – “But nothing will happen”

Ridhima – “What do you understand of yourself Haan you’ll say anything and I’ll follow it.” She stood up angrily while sitting

Suyash – “Ridhima calm down beta and firstly sit then talk” he said making her calm

Ridhima – “No dad. I’m not gonna sit until they don’t change the location from this orphanage to somewhere”

Vansh – “No it’s not gonna happen. The location is very good for commercial purpose. And I think everyone agrees”

Everyone present there nodded their head including Suyash. And this made Ridhima shocked.

Vansh – “See everyone agrees including Mr.Rajdhir”

Ridhima – “Ok so Since this is going to happen then I’m backing off from this deal. Because I can’t destroy those children’s lives” She spoke firmly

While listening this Vansh smirked.

Vansh (thinking) – “I knew it she can’t destroy those children’s lives that’s why I chose this location to make her back off from this deal and then her father won’t trust her ever nor she’ll even try to again betray me and then their company will be mine and I’ll rule over it”

While Suyash dragged Ridhima to the corner and …..

Suyash  – “Ridhima you know that if we back off from this deal then our 51% shares will go to VR industries as he is the second one to contribute a lot of sum of money after us. That means that our company will not be in our control.”

Ridhima – “But dad that doesn’t mean that he can do anything without our consent in future. Pls don’t let this happen dad” she pleased but there was no effect of her words

Suyash – “No Ridhima. You know this was the dream of your mother to see this company rise and shine and I want to fulfill her dream”

Ridhima – “But dad she never dreamt of snatching anyone’s happiness to fulfill her wishes”

Suyash – “That I don’t know but this deal is going to happen for sure and if you don’t want then you can leave this office”

Ridhima – “But dad”

He cutted her in between and said..

Suyash – “Enough Ridhima!”

And he went back to the table and sat on his chair.

Ridhima- “I can’t be part of this non-sense and can’t snatch the innocent ones happiness”

And she left the meeting angrily while Suyash told everyone that she won’t be part of this deal anymore which gave a shock to Vansh as this wasn’t he expected.

While Ridhima reached to her home and went to her room for some peace.

At noon Suyash reached to his home amd called Ridhima downstairs and she reached….

Ridhima – “Yes dad. Why you called me?” She spoke with a disinterested tone

Suyash – “We got the deal successful beta. Now work will soon start and your mother’s dream will get successful seeing it rising and shining” he spoke happily

Ridhima – “Dad it was you who had this deal successful because I didn’t wanted this to happen. And I think I won’t be ever now handle this business pls handle it yourself”

Suyash – “Fine if you don’t wanna then it’s absolutely fine” he spoke a bit louder than her and shocking her with his words because this wasn’t she expected..

Ridhima(thinking) – “I thought he’ll atleast persuade me to not leave business but he just agreed in one go just for that Vansh who left me and gave me pain”

Ridhima – “You know what dad every men is same. You are even same like that Vansh who doesn’t think of others in front of your benefits”

These words made Suyash angry and he was just going to raise his hand but stopped in the middle and realised what just happened….

Ridhima- “Everyone is same. I hate everyone I hate….” she ran out from the Mansion crying and speaking out these words while Suyash was just standing numb realising what just happened…

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Precap- A New entry in Ridhima’s life.

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