Chris Rock Says ‘Believe All Women, Except Amber Heard’ During Roast In His UK Comedy Tour

“I’m okay in case anyone was wondering.” This was the statement that built the premise for Chris Rock’s set on his Ego Death World Tour. Performing for the UK arm of the tour at the Royal Albert Hall, the 57-year-old comedian had people hoping to hear about the Oscars anecdote.

But Chris Rock took a different route and touched upon various other, contemporary, controversial topics, including the popular defamation case filed by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Chris landed a series of punches around the infamous lawsuit and gave people a taste of Amber’s roast.

The comedian picked up on the bizarre incident linked to the case where Depp claimed that Amber took a dump on his bed after they had a fight. Taking it up on the stage, Chris, according to LadBible said, “Believe all women, believe all women except Amber Heard. What is she on? She s**t in his bed! She is fine but she is not sh**ting fine.”

He also mentioned that after the alleged incident, they had a relationship, which, according to Chris, was surprising. The jibe seemed to have landed pretty good as the crowd erupted in laughter.

Chris also mentioned the attack that happened on Dave Chapelle while he was performing his set for Netflix. Chris, too, was present and ran up the stage to help his fellow comedian. He jokingly asked Dave, “Was that Will Smith?” Not only did his set had comments about the recent happenings but also contained Chris’ thoughts on various aspects such as sensitivity in the modern world and the cancel culture.

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Chris, although very prudent to not take names, did touch upon his altercation with Smith. After saying that he is “okay,” he said, “I got my hearing back and I am trying to make a decent show.”

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