BTS Make Their Post Break Reunion Special with Korean Dish Bungeo-ppang and Super Tuna Song

BTS member Jin shared a selfie and a photo of the snack they had when they reunited after their break.

BTS members reunited recently and shared several Instagram stories featuring the Korean snack Bungeo-ppang which reminded them of Jin’s Super Tuna song.

After their month-long vacation, the members of K-pop group BTS seem to be back at work. On Monday, Jungkook shared a glimpse of the fun get-together on Instagram story. The 24-year-old South Korean singer shared a video where he can be seen singing Jin’s latest fun single Super Tuna. Jungkook’s Instagram story featured a video where the singer was zooming in on a table filled with snacks. One of the food items included Bungeo-ppang which is a Korean fish-shaped pastry.

Sharing the video, the youngest member of the Grammy-nominated band sang Jin’s Super Tuna, which came out in December 2021. However, Jungkook added his own fun twist to the lyrics to the song that is written in Korean. According to a fan, the translation of Jungkook’s song in the video was, “How nice would it be if it’s boonguh (carp)? How nice would it be if it’s a shark? How nice would it be if it’s tuna? How nice would it be if it’s flatfish?” Jungkook borrowed the fish names from the lyrics of Super Tuna. One could also hear fellow members of BTS laughing in the background, as Jungkook indulged in hilarious shenanigans.

It was not just Jungkook who shared his enthusiasm over the delicious-looking tray of Bungeoppang. Jin’s recent Instagram post also featured a picture of the fish-shaped pastry stuffed with sweetened red bean paste. The eldest member of BTS shared the picture on the social media platform and wrote in the caption, “J-Hope said I shouldn’t delete.” Commenting on Jin’s post, J-Hope wrote, “Again…post it again???”

J-Hope’s recent Instagram story also featured the picture of Bungeo-ppang just like Jin and Jungkook.

BTS Army is certainly elated witnessing this reunion after more than a month. One of the fans commented on Twitter, “The chaos that is them, the laughs. Aww I love them so much.”

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