Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update : Tiwari lashes out at Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari calls AG. AG looks at Anu ask who is she your sister. Tiwari says no she is my neighbour Anita. Vibhuti thinks did she recognised me and says what are you staring at didn’t you saw any handsome guy don’t look like this its bad omen. Anu says Tiwari told me you are cleaning so want to hire you for my house. AG says we are costly will take 10,000 per day. Tiwari says you took 5000 from me and why 10000 to them. AG says its our company policy we charge double to next client. Anu says yo Tiwari I don’t think I can afford thi please you come and do cleaning. Tiwari says don’t worry I’m herr think as this gift of Diwali. Anu says that very generous if you but I cannot take this I’ll appreciate if you come or else I’ll find something else. Tiwari says wait we will do half please don’t say no and ask AG to clean. AG says I’ll send my boys to do cleaning. Anu says thank to Tiwari.

Angoori calls AG and says have some tea I made for you. AG drinks tea and flirt with her says Tiwari is not a guy to be called as your husband he should be husband of witch, I was watching him he gets angry. Angoori says what I’ll tell you, Tiwari don’t let me do anything. AG says you are free bird give him divorce. Angoori says I may give him divorce then I think with whoem I’ll spend my life, we need some partner in our life. AG says bhabhiji I’ll become your support. Angoori says really. AG imagine dancing and singing with Angoori.
Angoori come and says AG what are you doin. AG says I was imagining something. Angoori says okay finish this then I’ll tell where to clean more.

TMT cleaning Anu’s house. Tillu sit and start using phone. Teek and Malkhan goes to them and asks what are you doing. Tillu says I’m buying gift online for Rusa. Teeka says is this time to do online shopping. Anu come and says what you guys are doing whole house is left to clean. OG says I was cleaning and make wierd faces. SUNO G says I was removing spider web.
David walks in and call Vibhu. Anu greets him. David says how are you. Anu says I’m happy. David says why won’t you be happy now I’m here after all yoi and Vibhu becomes happy and have hope that I’ll give my property to you. Anu says what are you talking, we need your blessings too with your property we love you. David says I love you too and ask who are they. Anu says they are cleaning agents I hired them to clean. David says you did good that you are not relying on Vibhu uts good to be done by professional where are they from. Anu says they are from Spain, there they got some problem so they started there business in India. David ask where you use to work in Spain. OG says in Barcelona. David says every bar know me there and ask what all work you can do. LO G asks what you want us to do. David says many things and says take handle my bag and clean all dirty clothes and asks Anu where is Vibhu. Anu says I don’t know. David says messyhim I’m here then he will vome. Anu says okay wait I’ll call him. David says what are you looking at go clean my clothes.

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Tiwari in his bedroom takes out his wallet says I forgot to read Agrawal’s letter. Tiwari reads it says your bad quality undergarments made me broke I thought I’ll get profit but because of you my business got loss, next time if you cane to shop I’ll kick you, people like you are not for business, go and die. Tiwari says he is abusing me a lot cannot read it. Angoori walks in, Tiwari hide the letter under his pillow. Angoori says what are you hiding. Tiwari says nothing and thinks if she read this then she will disrespect me. Angoori asks what are you thinking. Tiwari says nothing, did you completed your work. Angoori says yes. Tiwari asks how your AG did work. Angoori says he did great, now its festival time why don’t we celebrate, lets romance. Tiwari says I’m tired. Angoori says what I’ll make your mood and looks for letter under pillow and says where it is. Tiwari says what. Angoori says same thing you were hiding, I thought you brought surprise for me. Tiwari shouts at her says go to bed.

Tiwari outside in garden drinking and cursing Agrawal says I makr profit for him and this yime he abused me so much no problem I’ll also write a letter for you and looks for letter to give him reply and says where is letter did I left in bedroom and gets up. Vibhuti come and says where are you going Tiwari come sit. Tiwari says I have some important work wait I’ll come. Vibhuti says I won’t let you go because I know you will not come. Tiwari says I’m already in tension please let me go and do my wory. Vibhuti says if you will drink alone will spoil your mood, we talk something interesting what you say and make drinks for him says drink. Tiwari drinks it in one time and talk rudely to him. Vibhuti says I think so you cannot digest this strong one. Tiwari says but you can digest it properly because its free. Vibhu says you are crossing line, you are drunk. Tiwari gets angry on him. Vibhuti says I’m talking politely to you, what I did wrong, I’m a good neighbour. Tiwari start abusing him and says understood. Vibhuti says you hurt me if you don’t like I’ll not come. Tiwari says okay don’t come, abuses him and leave. Vibhuti says I’ll not leave you Tiwari, drinks and leave.

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OG and Suno G cleaning house. David come and wipes his face with towel. SUNO G says what are you doing. David says I’m drying my hair. LO G says use hair dryer. David says your boy OG is using hair dryer to dry wet clothes and ask them to message my legs. LO G says please be respectful we are cleaning guys. David says you will get something come message me and asks SUNO G to clean my shoes. SUNO G says cleaning shoes are not in contract. David says these shoes are in house so they also come in contract so do fast and calls OG. OG come and says I’m tiered of cleaning your clothes. David says come and message my shoulder. OG says if I say no like you. David says when it come to pay then I’ll say no. OG go and message his shoulder.

Angoori reading letter.

Ammaji says to Tiwari you are seeing someone in presence of my daughter in law and slaps him, I’ll not leave you today and start beating

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