Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update : Tiwari challenges Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in kitchen cooking and singing. Vibhu walks in and start singing. They both singing and Vibhu says I liked it we should do it daily and ask how’s you. Angoori says you know what happen last night, me and Tiwari was sleeping. Vibhuti start flirting with Angoori. Angoori says I don’t know what you say and says last night a mouse ran into Tiwari’s clothes he was scared. Vibhuti and Angoori make fun of Tiwari. Angoori says to Vibhu are not scared of anything. Vibhuti says no I’m not scared of anything and tell him story of his last house how he use to walk in cemetery after dinner. Tiwari walks in and stand behind Vibhu. Angoori ask don’t you scared. Vibhu says I was not scared, dead body were scared of me till the time I’m there. Tiwari scare Vibhu. Vibhuti shouts, Tiwari and Angoori laugh at him and mocks him. Tiwari says go from here and stop wasting my wife time she gets late to give me food. Tiwari ask Angoori to give food fast.

Masterji, Gupta and Teeka near tea stall. Doctor ask Teeka to take deep breath for check up. Teeka start breathing like dog. Gupta scolds him and ask tell me what happen. Teeka says my diet has reduced from 8 roti and one whole chicken to 7roti and 1 whole chicken. Gupta says this is to worry and says eat something spicy. Teeka says what are you talking like my stomach will burst. Malkhan and Tillu walks and says why are you troubling him. Teeka says he is making fun of me. Gupta says you are making fun if doctor says I’ll curse you that you get piles. Tillu says guve him something else because I have capacity yo cure piles in three days. Gupta walks away and ask Tillu to meet me in evening. Prem and Tiwari walks in. Prem ask Tiwari what happen why you look upset. Masterji says only Vibhu can insult him. Vibhuti walks in and says this person is been made to be insulted. Tiwari says to everyone that Vibhu was saying every dead body from cemetery are scared of him, he play hide and seek with witch. Vibhuti says I play and mocks Tiwari. Tiwari mocks him back and says lets have a bet, stay for one night in cemetery, if you are scared then you have to be my slave. Vibhuti says I’m not mad to make a bet with you. Tiwari slides out a 500rs note TMT see. TMT start provoking Vibhu to accept bet. Prem also mocks him. Vibhuti says I’m feeling pressure will be back. TMT ask Tiwari do we need to chase Vibhu it will cost extra 1000rs. Tiwari slap them.

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Anu on phone talking to Mr Kapoor says I’ll reach in 1 hr, I’ll see you bye. Vibhuti walks in and ask where are you going. Anu says I’m going to Lakhimpur Giri now will be back soon and what happen to you, you look worried. Vibhu says Tiwari have some issues with me always troubling me. Anu says but you also trouble him a lot. Tiwari knocks on door says Vibhu open door. Anu ask what happen why you look so scared. Vibhuti says I’m scared of my anger, I think I’ll break his hand. Tiwari shouts Bhabhiji open door I need to tell about your husband. Anu and Vibhu argue and Anu opens door. Anu greets Tiwari. Anu ask what happen. Tiwari says your husband is a lier, your husband show off a lot that he use to do night walk in cemetery and play hide and seek with witchs. Anu says really so what you want now. Tiwari says I kept a bet infront of him says to stay for night in cemetery. Anu says well I’m sure he can do that for one night. Vibhu says what are you talking. Anu says Tiwari is challenging you and I want you to accept that and win, I know I’ll not be there to see but I’ll keep an eye on you and I’m sure you will do a good job. Tiwari says I promise that no injustice will happen to Vibhu and says lets meet tonight and leave.
Anu says all the best. Vibhuti says why did you say on my behalf. Anu says then why did you say and leave.

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Angoori in her hall sitting cleaning rice. Vibhuti walks in. Angoori ask why are you scared. Vibhu says tonight I’ll spend my time in Jhakarkatti cemetery. Anu says why Anu kicked you out. Vibhuti says no. Anu ask then what’s is the reason. Vibhu says your Tiwari is scared and thinks that I’m scared too and says he challenged me to spend one night in cemetery. Angoori says good niw you can prove that you are not coward because everyone was teasing you, now everyone will know you are not coward all the best. Vibhu says I’m not scared and gets scared of landline ringtone.

TMT, Tiwari takes Vibhu to graveyard while singing. Tiwari says to Vibhu now you have to go alone after this door of heaven. Teeka says sorry for what we did to you. Tillu and Malkhan says you use to help us in many situations. Tiwari says this graveyard is cursed whoever go inside never come out. Vibhu says are you scaring me and pray to God. Tiwari says don’t try to come out because we are here watching. Vibhu go inside graveyard. Tillu ask Tiwari lets play card to timepass. Malkhan and Teeka says yes. Tiwari says listen I don’t gamble. Malkhan ask Teeka to bring out cards.

Vibhuti walking inside graveyard scared and read a grace Bella Dona Jacobs. A witch taking that name again and again. Vibhuti ask who and shouts. TMT and Tiwari outside hear his voice. Tiwari says I think so it was Vibhuti’s voice.

Vibhu in his bedroom. Tiwari and Angoori around. Gupta examining him. Tiwari ask is he dead. Angoori says don’t say anything first you send him to graveyard, to a person who is weak at heart. Tiwari says you think he is weak at heart, in morning time he was saying many things like night ealk and hide and seek. Gupta says I think so he might have doen night walks with talk to a witch and lost his consciousness. Vibhu regain consciousness and ask where am I. Tiwari says for now you are alive. Angoori ask how are you. Tiwari ask how are you feeling. Vibhu says I’m scared she has blood in her eyes she attacked me. Gupta says I think he is talking about witch. Tiwari says he is coward might have imagine a branch as witch. Gupta says I also think same and give him Bhabhoot to keep beside him and says apply it after bathing everything will be finr. Gupta, Tiwari and Angoori start leaving and they hear wierd noises from Vibhu room. They get in to check and see Vibhu lying with head down, has white hair and start shouting and shaking. They get scared and run away.

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Tiwari says to Angoori don’t go out Vibhu can hurt us.

Angoori says to Tiwari in bathroom should she come in to help him clean his back. Tiwari says if you are out then who is helping me and turns around sees Vibhu as ghost behind him.

Angoori hears a song and says who is singing. Vibhuti as ghost beneath her bed says it’s me. Angoori gets scared.

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