Ae dil hai mushkil fanfiction # riansh (episode 2)

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In xyz college
Maya: you !!?
Person: haa,yes it me
Maya: you scared me idiot
Person: iam sorry ,iam sorry yaar

Maya: why did you do this shivin??
(Yes ,yes it’s our cute and sweet shivin Malhotra)
Shivin: because I want to talk to you Maya , please help me  na ………( Make a cute face )
Maya: ok ,fine .I will help you, don’t make that baby face now
Shivin: tq Maya
Maya: ok but what is the problem right now??
Shivin: you know na yaar ,ok then listen now ………………. It is  a suspense , reveal you later

In college canteen,

Riddhima already reached canteen and waiting for the Maya

Riddhima’s POV

Where is this monkey ??Still not reached to canteen even I completed my work and waiting for her

( In canteen mostly it is empty and Riddhima is sitting in a chair and waiting for Maya)
After 5 minutes ,shivin reached there with a notebook and acting that he was searching for someone but Riddhima don’t notice him ,so he went to the Riddhima and say
Shivin: hey!! Hi
Riddhima: hi
Shivin: you are Riddhima right , I mean riddhima roy
Riddhima: yeah but how do know me??
Shivin: actually I know you from a long time
( She is giving him a confused look)
Shivin:we studied in same school ….
Riddhima: ohh!,so how can I help you ??
Shivin: ahh, actually your friend Maya ask me notes
Riddhima: what ?? Maya asked you for a note ……(shocked) it’s impossible
Shivin: no she asked me
(Suddenly Maya came to the canteen and see shivin and Riddhima say
Maya: hiii shivin
Shivin: hii Maya, here is your notes
Maya:ohh! Tq
Riddhima: Maya you ask him notes ??
Maya: yeah
Riddhima: why ??
Maya: actually……..he …had good  work……
Riddhima: what ??( Confused)
Maya: haa , actually Riddhima he had some general knowledge information .
Riddhima: oh! Ok
Maya: oh!!shivin …why are you standing , come on have a seat .
Shivin : yeah ! Tq
Riddhima and Maya are smiling
Maya to canteen boy: bhaiya 2 strong coffee and one black coffee to us
Maya to riddhima: riddhima do you know ,he
Also passed out from the same school , which we passed out
Riddhima : yeah , he said Me
Maya: ohh !! that’s the way don’t you have friends here
Shivin: no, I don’t have any one friends here and even I don’t know here rather then you both
Maya: ohh! Shivin don’t get worry . from now we are friends now . what say Riddu
For that she is just smile at them . coffee arrived on there table
Shivin: ( clearing his throat) I heard that black coffee taste bitter….?(to riddhima)
Riddhima: yeah, ofcourse it’s bitter but it gives me a relief from tension,pain …….etc,but I alway prefer chai but now iam little ten’s
Shivin: ohh ! Really I will try next time
(For that Riddu just smiled )
Suddenly clock makes a sound in canteen which shows 10 clock time
Riddhima: ok shivin it’s time to go to the class then nice to meet , see you later,bye
Shivin: yeah ,byee
Maya: byee shivin
Shivin :byee

Both girls left to the classroom

Shivin: iam Sorry Riddu ,our meeting is a planned meeting ( in a sad tone)but I tried my best to meet you straightly but kya kare ……..

Flash back starts

Shivin: you know na yaar that I love Riddu
Maya:haa baba ,I know tumhare eka tharafa pyar ki kahani from a long time . So, what the matter now .
Shivin: arey !! Yaar I want to talk to her
Maya: ok then go and talk to her na , why are you pulling me ??
Shivin : you know na yaar ,how many times I failed to talk to her ,do something na yaar ,if Riddhima accepted my love then I will keep your name to my child
Maya: stop yaar shivin , your are just talking like a kid
Shivin: what to do now ??
Maya: ok , listen now .do onething go to the canteen (in middle he started talking)
Shivin: tu bhi na yaar jab dekha kana kana..kana …..thoda mere bare mein bhi socha na
Maya: you idiot, riddhima is waiting for me in canteen
Shivin: ohh! Sorry  Maya
Maya:ok ok listen now ,take a book and go to her and say that your searching for me then I will come there ok
Shivin: then , what to do ??
Maya: I will manage everything
Shivin: ok madam
Then they implemented there plan

Flash back end

So today episode is over , Hope you liked it.

Precap: coffee shop

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