Actor Sanjay Gagnani Continues Shoot For Kundali Bhagya Despite Getting Injured

He completed his fight scene with an injured hand in a rare show of dedication towards his work.

Sanjay got injured in a fight scene with Dheeraj Dhoopar.

Popular TV show Kundali Bhagya has been successfully entertaining the audience for quite some time now. In the new plot the viewers will get to see a fight between Karan and Prithvi. Actor Sanjay Gagnani, who plays the role of Prithvi Malhotra in the show, got injured during the shoot for the fight scene with Dheeraj Dhoopar, who plays Karan. Both the actors did their best in the scene but the crew members on the set were surprised to see Sanjay’s courage. He suffered a bruise on his right hand which led to bleeding but continued the shoot despite the injury.

He completed his fight scene with an injured hand in a rare show of dedication towards his work. Talking about his injury Sanjay said that in a scene of Kundali Bhagya there is a physical fight between Karan and Prithvi. The actor added that while all the safety measures were followed he still got an injury in his hand. Sanjay said that the show must go on and when his whole team is working day and night he cannot leave the shoot in the middle.

Sanjay said that since his hand was bleeding this fight scene became even more realistic. Though he was in pain but by the grace of god nothing serious happened. His team immediately helped him with first aid. The injury is healing and the actor wants the audience to like this action scene.

Viewers are enjoying the show because of some interesting twists and turns in Kundali Bhagya. There has been a leap in the show and it has been helpful in keeping the audience connected. The leads of the show Karan and Preeta have drifted apart. Hence, Prithvi aka Sanjay Gagnani has caught hold of the Luthra mansion. However, Preeta has come back to her house to save her family.

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