Actor Jitendra Joshi Shares Story Behind Naming His Debut Production ‘Godavari’

Marathi actor Jitendra Joshi recently shared a post about his debut production “Godavari”. The post explains the reason why Jitendra named his film “Godavari”. The film, a story of a family living on the banks of the river Godavari in Nashik, is all set to hit the big screens on December 3 this year.

Sharing his views on the film, Jitendra Joshi wrote, “50 days left in the release and the name of the movie was decided on that day !! The name of the movie is “Godavari” !!! I was sceptical but also reassured. Even on the second day, Prajakta Deshmukh was touring Nashik and I was wondering to finalise the name.”

He further wrote, “This photo was taken on the evening of 24th August 2020 on the banks of Godavari in Nashik. Before making the film, I was peeking inside the people and Nashik. I greeted the Godavari with faith and prayed from the bottom of my heart that this movie is coming to your side. I prayed to the river to take full responsibility and take care of all film mates.”

Jitendra praised the audience and wrote, “Your Godavari film is coming to you on 3rd December, exactly 50 days after being selected for the 2nd International Festival today and getting the likes of different audiences. I’m relaxed as the responsibility of the release has been taken by the cinema owners.”

On Instagram, the actor shared the poster of “Godavari” with a caption, “We had decided to make a paper boat and leave it in the river. The call will come from wherever it reaches. Let’s see where it reaches. The first call came from Vancouver (Canada). The Godavari will be seen on the big screen for the first time at the Vancouver International Film Festival. It is the World Premiere of Godavari! The deeper the memory left in the river, the farther the waves of the river spread. The first wave went to Canada. Let’s Witness the origin of Godavari! Our team and the film need your blessings.”

The film has been produced by Blue Drop Films and Jitendra Joshi Pictures. The film is produced by Pawan Malu and Mithali Joshi and co-produced by Akash Pendharkar and Parag Mehta.

Actor-turned-producer Jitendra Joshi is a reality show host, who also works in Marathi cinema. Joshi starred as constable Katekar in the hit Netflix series Sacred Games.

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